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Do you have a website or blog based around a particular niche market? Are you on the lookout for free content based around said niche market? Have you failed to succeed in this search as of yet? If you answer yes to any or all of these questions then luckily you have come to the right place as Article Alley is your solution to all of these problems.

Here at Article Alley we have over 90,000 active authors who combined have created nearly 1,000,000 pages of free content. This content is made up of articles that range across vast subject areas. So no matter what niche market you are aiming your website at you will probably find good quality articles based on it here at Article Alley and best of all these articles are all free for you to use on your own website.

Since 2002 our community of authors has been constantly growing with more and more authors and website owners signing up for a free account with Article Alley. It is this community of authors who have been continually writing and producing article content on a wide range of topics that range from Automotive through to Writing & Speaking. It is also this community of authors who make it possible for people to use Article Alley as a means of gathering content to be used within their website. This is because when someone writes an article for Article Alley they are given the choice of labelling the article as being copyrighted or free to republish. If the article is labelled copyrighted then obviously you aren't permitted to re-use the article on your own site; however if the article is labelled free to republish then you have the right to place this article within your own website.

When you find an article that you wish to place on your website that is labelled free to republish you simply select the republish this article option, from there you can simply cut and paste the page content into your website. However it is very important that when doing this the hyperlinks that appear in the author bio are kept in tack. These links will take your reader back to Article Alley as well as to the website that the author of the article is writing for. Our authors contribute their work for free, but require a working hyperlink back in exchange for the rights to use their work.

You are able to use an unlimited amount of articles from our database as well as articles from a range of categories. You can also visit us at Article Alley as much as you want to keep gaining new content for your site or blog. In fact we get around 8,000 new articles sent to us every week so it is generally worthwhile for you to keep checking back to see if any new content has been submitted to us regarding your niche subject area. On top of this we also run nearly 70,000 RSS feeds from all of our author's pages and our main topics sections. This is great for your website as RSS is a fantastic way to syndicate our content.

So give Article Alley a visit today and start gathering free content for your website now!