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Published: 04th June 2017
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Travel backpacks have become very popular and after going through its many benefits and conveniences, I was looking for something that would meet specific needs. Since the market has so many options to choose from, it was a little overwhelming knowing which description is genuine. Besides, you can only be sure of the quality once you buy and use it a couple of times. Fortunately, I did not land a bad pack despite spending a very short time weighing considerations and I am still using my 60l travel backpack.Solve outdoor Difficulties Straight Away

It is not only the internal frame that allows maximum comfort and ease of carrying a considerably heavy luggage. The backpack has several special features and benefits. First of all, its adjust system is good and it features a very smooth zipper on each of the large compartment pockets. It also offers suitable capacity for those travelling. The bag can carry up to 60L and you will not have to settle for any distressing posture to carry it. All the straps are elastically adjustable to the most comfortable position. I have had some experiences where I had to walk in three different styles before I finally got to my accommodation and back then I would think that`s normal. Turns out the design and type of backpack you use has a lot to do with comfort and ease of travelling. The whole design is an adjustable system that allows setting height according to different requirements for effective positioning and reduced overall burden or effort used. This backpack offers both shoulder straps and chest straps which are more convenient and useful when carrying heavier luggage. You can easily adjust these straps elastically to achieve even weight distribution and avoid stressing one part of the body.

As a previous victim, comfort, convenience and sufficient capacity were the main values I was looking for. However, the backpack has various characteristic benefits that also attracted me. The design features waterproof fabrics and additional professional rain cover. What this implies is that it can rain for any period of time nonstop but your backpack will stay protected. Once securely zipped, the bag offers super-tight waterproof cover that cannot be infiltrated. It is also offers guaranteed durability and while most options promote this characteristic, often times you can tell a durable material and design just by touching and feeling it. The fabric used is 420D nylon and the total weight of this pack is 3.8 lbs. The SBS zipper systems can withstand over 100,000 times use which I am not sure if that much will be needed. You will probably have seen another new design or color. The backpack is offered in green, blue, dark blue and grey options although I would guess more colors will soon come.

Lastly, there is one other thing that interested me about this backpack. It is the plug-in system that makes packing, carrying and unpacking quite effortless. The system has large pockets that allow carrying large outdoor supplies like Bluetooth speakers, tent sheets and covers among others. It is perfect for someone who loves hiking, camping and mountaineering.

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