Hiring Hospitality Staff - Many Individuals Don't Know This Much

Published: 25th June 2015
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Hospitality industry has always faced the problem of high staff turnover. These jobs are quite popular among students and travelers as they are seasonal and involve several shifts. Staffing is such a huge problem for hospitality industry that many full time hospitality staff solutions providing companies have come into existence. These companies do all the hiring tasks for their clients, and charge a fee. Unfortunately every hotel, restaurant or café cannot hire these services due to high expenditure, and they have to find hospitality staff solutions themselves.

Ideal Situation Is Rare

Consider that you, the employer, have a job vacancy and posted a proper job advert. Now you have received tons of job applications and shortlisted a number of people for interview. In an ideal world all your chosen candidates would be experienced, trained in well reputed institutions, and have references from popular hospitality establishments. Evaluating the candidates should be a piece of cake, and you will find the right person. Ideally of course, and it rarely happens.

Truths About Hiring

Most likely you will encounter candidates having self-inflated CVs that provide references of workplaces that you don't recognize, and insist that they are ideal for any job. Mostly you will be left with your intuitive judgment skills to consider information from the interview to be reliable or false. The best choice is to hire people that have real degrees, traceable references, keep smile on their face, friendly in nature, physically fit, speak well and are properly dressed. As far as commitment, devotion, adaptability, and integrity are concerned, there is no way to clearly identify them. You can hire a stone and polish him into a diamond, but assure that your asset (employee) stays committed to you.

Focus on Permanent Staff

Every now and then hotel, restaurant and café owners loose well trained, experienced staff members. This issue can be solved by deploying transient staff on simple manual tasks and permanent staff on tasks that require experience and skill. Permanent staff should be trained very well and retaining them is even more important. Recognizing a job applicant as temporary or permanent is not that difficult. His/her residence, marital status, education and skills can help you identify whether the applicant is serious for making a career in the hospitality industry or not.

Encourage Staff to Improve Qualification

Government regulates several training degrees and certificates. Institutes offer evening classes and some even offer online programs, and staff members can take part in them by working during the day shift. These qualifications help classify applicants. Existing staff members should also be encouraged to upgrade their skills, as more qualified and informed staff members will resultantly provide better services to your customers. Your staff members will also feel more comfortable working with you, as they will understand that you care about their career promotion and want to form long-term relations. So, even if you don't find highly qualified staff members in the first place, you can polish your staff members by training and educating them. Staff members should always be provided with an incentive such as salary rise, promotion or a bonus in case of qualification improvement.


Staffing issues are never ending in the hospitality industry, but there are several hospitality staff solutions as well, you just need to have the right mindset to hire and retain qualified staff.

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