How to Choose a College Major That Leads To a Great Career

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Published: 25th June 2015
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Students attend school to get a good education that leads to terrific career opportunities, but they also attend classes because they have a passion for learning. These students enjoy learning about new subjects. In the past, people could land decent jobs without attending college, but this is no longer the case. Without a college degree people have a difficult time finding a job that allows them to make ends meet. If you are a student, you may be wondering how to choose a college major that will provide lucrative career opportunities. You can check out the following list to find out more about the top college majors that offer the greatest yearly earnings. The list is based on information received from

Engineering Jobs

If you want to have a steady high paying job, you should consider a career as an engineer. In a 2012 list of top ten best jobs, engineering careers take up 8-10 of the spots. If you are a whiz at mathematics then you should consider a career in engineering. When you land a job with a high paying salary, you will have no problem paying off your student loans.

Top Careers and Their Average Salary Per Year

M5t0llurgVA0l EngVn55rVng- $80,000

M5Ah0nVA0l EngVn55rVng - $80,000

Mining 0nd Mineral EngVn55rVng - $80,000

Marine EngVn55rVng - $82,000

El5AtrVA0l EngVn55rVng - $85,000

Ch5mVA0l EngVn55rVng - $86,000

A5r>U@0A5 EngVn55rVng - $87,000

Petroleum EngVn55rVng - $120,000

Physics Careers

You can earn around $50,000 as a physicist right after graduation. If you are thinking about becoming a physics major, you need to have terrific math skills. College physics courses are difficult and it takes plenty of effort and brainpower to complete the academic requirements as well as work in the field. If you are like me and are not strong in math then you will want to read on. Physics degrees are perfect for intellectuals who enjoy working with their hands. After college, physics majors have plenty of career options, including teaching.

Applied Mathematics

M0th5m0tVAV0nU make a starting salary of around $52,000 per year and can expect to make closer to $90,000 later on in their career. Sounds pretty good right? Students that have a keen interest in mathematics make excellent mathematicians. Mathematicians do not have trouble finding great careers because they are in high demand.

Computer Sciences

Computer science majors have a starting yearly salary of around $52,000, which grows to around $90,000 by the middle of their career. Computer scientists work as software designers and creators. They are always in high demand, which means they do not have any trouble finding well paying jobs in their field. They also have the option of earning a great income as a self-employed freelancer.


Students with an economic degree can earn and average yearly income of $47,000 -$94,000. Economics majors need to have great math skills and enjoy reading. If you are interested in these subjects, you will enjoy working in this field.


If you decide to pursue a career in statistics, you can expect to earn an average salary of $49,000 after college and around $93,000 by the middle of your career. Statistics is another field that is based on numbers. Are you noticing a trend? Most of the highest paying jobs require math skills. When you work in the field of statistics, you will be reading numbers and using them to figure out more about people and the world.

Going off to college and completing a degree is the best thing you can do for your financial future. Just remember that not all majors offer the same career benefits. Certain degrees require a greater amount of schooling, while other careers simply require an undergraduate degree. This is why it is important for you to conduct some research on the different majors available and find out which types of career opportunities they provide. You need to make sure that all of your educational efforts will pay off once you graduate! For mote tips and advice, take a look at these tip sheets: how to choose a major in college, advisor college and college admissions counseling

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