In App Advertising is the Best Way to Promote App in 2015

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Desktop apps are in trend and with a lot of us still depending on the good old desktops for efficient working, apps are launched to bridge the difference between desktops and mobile platforms. I prefer using desktop for my work, because it is easier to maintain right posture, do multitasking and also work better. I reserve laptop for days when I am not in the mood, or when work is less, when I am traveling, etc. Since desktop is meant for heavy duty, I have kept it that way from the time I started working. Good apps were available for smartphone and desktop apps were sorely lacking, but it is no longer the case now. So, whatís the best strategy for
app promotion in the digital era?

Developers go to great lengths to create apps that are useful and in-demand. However, with a lot of free stuff available these days, it is difficult to get someone buy stuff thatís otherwise available for free. Though apps are great, thereís probably something similar thatís free. To combat this problem, desktop app developers have to find out other ways to promote apps and earn money.

In app advertising is a strategy where adverts are displayed while a user is using the app and desktop app developer can earn through these adverts. They could either earn for showing ads, or commission from clicks and buys, etc. Basically, instead of having desktop app users pay for the app, they earn it through advertisements. So users get a product for free and the developers get their due through in app advertising, provided they have a good user base.

There are many different ways to promote apps. The most common methods include Pay Per Install, donations, affiliate marketing, revenue sharing model with similar but unrelated services, selling the source code, in app advertising, etc. Different methods work for different individuals and app in question. Pay per Install and affiliate marketing are similar and works on commission from users who do an activity Ė installing something suggested in the app, etc. Selling the source code means the app developer loses hold on his product and few methods donít work quite well. Donations do work for some products, though not everyone can take up this method. So, the most lucrative method is in app advertising.

Once you are able to promote app and garner enough user base, in-app advertising works wonders for desktop app promotion. The results for any promotional method rely on the marketing efforts. Once app is created and tested, choosing a name and revenue model comes next. Once thatís done, marketing the app in the right places and getting real reviews posted can propel your efforts. It is a good idea to request for genuine feedback posted by reputed people for adding weightage to the review. If you can and have contacts, you could get a few testers to test out your app before it going live. This way, you will know the app works well and in-app advertising can be done once user base is created.
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