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Computer Hardware
However long you have been putting it off for its time to ditch your old, outdated computer and buy something newer and more reliable, but how do you know what to look out for? What make and model to buy? What parts are best? And the age old question do I get a PC or a Mac? And do I get a laptop or a desktop? Thinking about these aspects as well as technical information such as how fast should it be or how much memory do I need? Can often leave you more confused than you were in the beginning! Well don't let all of the jargon faze and overwhelm you, let us here at Article Alley translate it for you. If you are an computer Hardware author then join us now and contribute unique articles of your own.

Printer Evaluation: Epson R380 Photo Printer

20th November 2016
With Dish Community, the viewer can browse through the schedule while seeing a display. The Dish Community Television manual shows the MPAA rating of the movie, which can be G, PG, PG-thirteen or R. It also shows the names of the actors and actresses in t... Read >
Author: Alton Macandog

Oki c9600 / c9650 / c9800 color laser printer

26th June 2015
The Oki c9600 is a color laser printer designed to meet the needs of large offices and produce exceptional quality while remaining a compact and cost effective product. The Oki c9600 boasts a monthly duty cycle of as much as 150,000 pages. For connecti... Read >
Author: Rohit Kumar

HP color printers : HP 1312, HP 1600, HP 2025

17th June 2015
HP color printers are compact, powerful printers designed to meet the needs of offices and individual offices alike. The HP 1312 is a multifunction printer boasting a duty cycle of as much as 30,000 pages and speeds of 12 pages monochrome and 8 pages colo... Read >
Author: Rohit Kumar

Differences Between DVI Connectors and Signals

08th April 2015
Digital Video Interface (DVI) was a specification developed in 1999 by the Digital Display Working Group (DDWG) in order to standardize digital interfacing. While some DVD players and television sets today may feature DVI connectors in addition to analog ... Read >
Author: Video Products Inc

Oki color laser printer : Oki c530, Oki 5150n, and Oki c9650n

08th April 2015
The Oki c530 is a color laser printer designed to print 60,000 pages per month at a rate of 31 pages per minute for black and white and 27 pages per minute for color. The Oki5150n can print as much as 50,000 pages per month at rate of 12 ppm for color and... Read >
Author: Rohit Kumar

Laptop LCD Screen Displays Is Dim or Dark

08th April 2015
A laptop with this type of problem will still display images normally but the image will be very faint or dim because there is no backlight to illuminate or brighten the image. The two common faults that can possibly cause this type of problem are burnt o... Read >
Author: Obodo Charles

5 Recommended DSLR for Amateurs

16th May 2013
Digital slr camera is a form of camera which is commonly utilized suitable for photography. Typically several photography addicts have its own favored dslr camera and have absolutely various reasons how come the camera once was a favorite. Many of the new... Read >
Author: kecksuma

Learn how to Password Protect Single Cells in Microsoft Excel

10th May 2013
It can be very beneficial to password protect spreadsheets to make sure that other people can not accidentally (or even deliberately) overtype valuable data or formulas and functions. In many instances though it would be more advantageous to protect only ... Read >
Author: Mychaell Constable

A Smart Way To Build A Small Or Home Workplace Computer Network

18th April 2013
Having all of your PCs hooked up in your small or home office is often easy, inexpensive, and effective. But before you decide to speak to your IT person to help you out here are what you want to take into account to help provide him or her some direction... Read >
Author: Dave Harding

Stunning Phone Call Computer Repair in Mauritius

16th April 2013
(Part 3) The distinction between Workshop and Onsite Laptop Restore Workshop restore costs are often on a uniform price foundation, and takes days to get again, but you're going to beneficiate further valued service this way. Workshops techs have addit... Read >
Author: laurenelau


11th April 2013
HOW TO GET A TOTALLY FREE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 NOW Thanks to technology, the world is getting more and more modern. Itís clear that people, especially the young worldwide, canít live without high-tech products such as mobile phone, laptop, television, and... Read >
Author: thanhtuannguyen

Choose the Right iPad Case for Men

14th December 2012
As we all know, men have been crazy about machines. When they were young, they loved to play with the toy cars and little robots which could make loud sounds. So when the little boys grow into manhood, they prefer the high-tech products like iPad and iPho... Read >
Author: Trevor Vaughn

Why It's IT's Job to Rescue the Internet

06th November 2012
The Internet has enormous resiliency against damage. Unfortunately, it has very little against malice -- and that's becoming an ever-larger issue for IT managers. While it's not true that the Internet was designed to withstand damage from a nuclear war, i... Read >
Author: MarcusWellington

One of the Best IT Hiring Decisions I Ever Made

06th November 2012
IT staffing isn't just about finding the right candidate. It's about overcoming internal blind spots and prejudice. In a past job of mine, we had an open position for a part-time user support assistant and we wanted to fill it with a student intern fro... Read >
Author: MarcusWellington

Apple's iPad Mini Throws More Tablet Choices at IT

06th November 2012
Today Apple introduced its much-rumored iPad mini, which comes with enough features to complicate the tablet purchase process for enterprise customers. The iPad mini looks and acts just like the larger iPad. For the most part, iOS applications should r... Read >
Author: MarcusWellington
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