Instagram- The way to go

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Instagram- The way to go
The First thing that comes to your mind when you hear Instagram is photographs. And this is somewhat correct. Instagram is a platform for budding photographers and photo bloggers to display their art on a whole new level. But this has changed entirely in past couple of years. We surely see many photographers with some great work, but this platform is evolving in itself.
Many companies have created their Instagram handles as a way to showcase their product a little more artistically. Now this not only gives these companies another platform to promote their line up but also makes them get out many great innovative ideas which Instagram users really love. Instagram also lets you add very short videos up to 15 seconds max. And people us this feature to their fullest, with short ads of their products. Sometimes they premiere their ads on Instagram first, then on the Telly!
Successful Model:
The main element which makes Instagram so successful for commercial use is the fact that it's very cost effective. Across businesses that are on all four networks, that's Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Pintrest, Instagram lead to the most fresh followers in 2014 and significant revenue.
Brands on Instagram noticed a 7 percent growth in both followers and participation. U.S. brands witnessed a positive returns boost from Instagram 1.8 percent to 5 percent while businesses in the U.K. reported more, up to 3.6 percent.
Who Can Join?
You can also access your Instagram account through The only catch is that you won't be able to add any photos from the website. You can only do that through the app.
Who should join?
Artists, or Brands who have an artistic product line up like Apparels or accessories. Various Fashion designers too love to showcase their work. Various artists, be it digital or analogue, can showcase and form a sort of catalogue. Photographers can create their own portfolios.Anyone can join Instagram, as long you have a compatible device. It's spread across various platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
The applications are endless. Many brands make their followers take part in various campaigns like clicking photos with their products and hash tagging the pic. These hash tags add up to people knowing your brand, thus generating a good response.
How should you post?
There are various ways of posting on Instagram, the main thing to lookout here is that the picture loaded is cropped in a 1:1 aspect ratio, basically in squares. So if you have rectangular panoramic images that don't fit, don't worry. You can click a screenshot of the image while it's oriented in a portrait format, this gives you two black bars on top and bottom. With those bars in place, you can now crop it into 1:1 without losing out on the beautiful panorama.
One new style that's gained popularity is a multi-image collage style, also known as photo grid style. Here you crop a big image into six or 9 squares and upload it accordingly in a line to create a huge collage of one image. It not only looks amazing but helps one to understand detailed images with more subjects. There are various apps on the Google play store and iOS app store to help you create such collages.
Hashtags, as we've seen it on Twitter & Facebook are a way of categorizing your images as per the content you've loaded.
For example, someone's loaded a pic of a cute kitten, they can #cuteKitten and your image will fall under the category. So when you click on that specific hashtag you will see all pics tags under #cutekittens by various instagrammers. It surely becomes an amazing way to browse through photos.
Instagram & E commerce- A new trend?
There are various Instagrammers who are making business by selling their products on Instagram. Product lineup includes selling of Clothing & Apparels, Accessories, funky posters, fridge magnets etc. The way they do it is by giving out some really attractive images and them adding their contact info on the profile page.
The best part is that it is really turning out to be quite a successive business model. It is somewhat like an E commerce website without you having the pains to manage an entire website. These guys have connected with their own logistics partners. This is not only very convenient but also very cost effective.
With a new trend in the digital and Social media, Instagram surely adds up as a valuable tool in your toolbox, that too a very dynamic one with lots under its sleeve.

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