My Aerobatic Flying Experience

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Published: 19th November 2016
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I have always been a bit of an adrenaline junky, much to my family's amusement. One of my earliest memories is of trying to fly by jumping off the top of a climbing frame with a blanket for a parachute, and although it wasn't entirely successful - I ended up with a few cuts and scratches, not to mention an ear bashing from my mum - I have never lost my love for the more exciting things in life.

This has lead to some interesting presents from people who have been keen to indulge my interests, including the time I was given a pair of ski boots which were intended for a trip I was taking to the Alps. Unfortunately, I ended up having a skateboarding accident the week before my holiday, so I was in a plaster cast for the trip and spent the whole time in the ski lodge drinking schnapps. The ski boots did come in handy eventually, but every year on my birthday I remember how much fun my friends had on that trip and resolve to book myself another exciting trip.

When it came to my 30th birthday, I knew that my girlfriend and my mother had been exchanging furtive phone calls over the previous few weeks, so I was intrigued to see what they had come up with. They had been asking me for gift ideas for weeks, and I hadn't been able to think of anything, but they had gone all quiet about a fortnight earlier so I guessed that they had thought of something suitable.

When it came to the big day, I was completely unprepared for what was about to come. They had actually booked me in to have an aerobatic flying experience on my birthday, which was not only completely unexpected, but a much better gift than I would have come up with myself. There is an airfield not far from where we live, but I didn't realise that you could take such exciting flights from there, so when the instructor told me what we would be doing, I was thrilled.

I couldn't wait to get up in the air, but it was fascinating to learn about how the aerobatic bi-plane was designed to allow it to perform all kinds of tricks in the air. We took to the air and as soon as we were at a decent height we started doing the kinds of manoeuvres that you never get to experience on a normal flight. We were upside down, looping through the sky and I was really feeling the G-force as the instructor told me about how the controls worked and gave me a run down of how to perform all these exciting stunts.

The feeling of the G force was a real thrill, but the best part was when I got to take the controls and the instructor showed me how to perform some of the manoeuvres myself. My aerobatic flying experience was one of the most exciting and fun things that I have ever done, and it is definitely the best birthday gift I have ever had. Getting to actually fly a plane myself was the icing on the cake and turned an adrenaline rush into a real passion, and I have even gone on to do another flying lesson since as I had such as good time taking control of a plane by myself.

My girlfriend said her heart was racing the whole time we were up in the air, but she took some great photos of me in the plane, so I will always have a reminder of how much fantastic my aerobatic flying experience was.

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