Online Jobs Or Offline Work - Which Is The Better Part-Time Job?

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Jobs and their nature
Earning money is not a very big problem in today’s era. In fact, today’s generation is blessed with the fact that they enjoy far more avenues of earning more money in less time than any other previous generation. But having the ability to earn money through multiple channels on a simultaneous basis doesn’t mean that it is easy or it can be counted as a guaranteed source of perpetual income.

Most people today engage themselves in multiple professions. They like to call it by different names such as ‘part time jobs’ or ‘hobbies that pay’, but the crux of the matter boils down to the fact that most of them are not restricting themselves to a single source of earning. Somehow or the other, they are looking for ways and means to capitalize the time they stay awake.

Now, speaking of these part time jobs or hobbies that generate income, there are mainly two types of such jobs.
The fixed place, fixed time and fixed income part-time job

The first type is a conventional one – getting engaged in a job where one has to attend office or a designated workplace or even a store, and spend fixed time over there.
This type of part time job, usually allowing people to keep themselves engaged for the entire time that is left after their regular day job, can be quite hectic and unsatisfying due to the nature of workplace, the timings and the monotonous regularity. Sometimes people quit after continuing for a month or two, not be able to cope up with the physical and mental strain that a part time job of conventional nature has to offer.

But there is a distinct advantage of having a part time job that is as stable as a regular day job – the payout is guaranteed if the organization you for is a legally valid and established entity. That way, one can make plans by taking into account the stable income they can have from their part time job.
Work from home, no fixed timing, variable payout.

However, there is a second category of part time job, as mentioned earlier. This kind of job is physically comfortable and one has the flexibility to choose assignments and the timings for which she will engage herself for completing her assignments.

Numerous such jobs are available online and they serve as an excellent source to give exposure to one’s hobby or hidden talent, while empowering her to earn extra money. One can choose assignments according to one’s strength, liking, and the ability to commit some amount of time. The time element is a dicey one.
But one needs to commit some amount of time at any part of the day to finish assignments within deadline, but one has the power to choose the time as per one’s convenience. Not only are these avenues excellent for students and homemakers, but also for people with not much high income from their regular jobs.

However, one must remember that application of discretion and engagement in only trustworthy websites offering ways to make money online is desirable, and not the ones that allures people by making false promises to giving the scope to earn money from home at a very little or no effort. Beware, for there can be fraudulent websites who runs away with your work and refuses to pay you any money for that by simply denying the fact that they have made any agreement with you. Most people refrain from resorting to police stations, which is the right course to take in this regard, and these websites take advantage of this tendency of the common people.


Although there are various ways to make money online, the type of freelancing work that has been chosen by the author Jeo Nash to earn money from home is writing, as evident from the quality of this article.

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