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Why you should become an Article Alley Partner...

At Article Alley we are always on the look out for more ways in which to enhance your user experience, which is why we now invite you to become an Article Alley partner but just what exactly does this mean for you? Well let us explain...

It Enhances your Content

When you become an Article Alley partner you are able to access some of the best content and exhibit it along with your own articles on pages of your website. By doing this you are giving your site visitors high quality and relevant articles. It is articles of this high standard that will increase your reader satisfaction, which will in itself increase the amount of site visitors that return to your website and actually become regular readers who could actually turn into potential customers.

You can Increase your Traffic

Becoming a partner with Article Alley has its many advantages but one of the main advantages associated with it is the fact you would be becoming a partner with a brand that has already highly established itself. Article Alley is highly recognised as a top article directory. At Article Alley we get thousands of hits a day so as our partner you have the opportunity to get hundreds or thousands of extra hits a day meaning your business will gain more exposure as your business will reach people it wouldn't normally be able to do.

As a partner of Article Alley people can sign up to our directory through your website. When they do this these users are 'branded' to you for ever. So every time they publish an article around the web it not only builds up your brand even more but it also increase the value of it as well. This is great news for you as this will develop your SEO ranking.

You become a part of Revenue Sharing

Article Alley makes a certain amount of profit through Adsense revenue, so what does this mean to you? Well any profit that is made as a direct result of you sending traffic to Article Alley will mean you receive 30% of the Adsense revenue we make. Sound good? Well that's not all.

We will Promote your Website

For as long as you are a partner with Article Alley your website will be promoted as a source of knowledge. This will show your website in a very positive light which will bring you nothing but great things.

One aspect that you should keep in mind when it comes to our partner program is it is currently limited to sites who have over 5000 unique visitors a day. If this describes your site then please feel free to contact us.