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Squidoo Lens Writing Service


Squidoo has become a very popular content network site; its strong web presence makes this a great way to promote your website. You can use Squidoo pages as a way of promoting your website regardless of what your site is based around. So what makes a Squidoo lens such a great online marketing opportunity? Anything that helps get your website more traffic and gets more people interested in your business is a great marketing opportunity and a Squidoo lens does exactly this.

You can use a Squidoo lens to add RSS feeds, images and links associated with your website you can also place descriptive and promotional text on it. You can place as much or as little information as desired and best of all you aren't merely limited to the one lens; you can create several, all of which can promote the same website. For example if you had a website dedicated to selling car parts you could create five different Squidoo lens. You could have an overall lens that describes the site; you could have a lens that is based around interior car accessories and one that is primarily for exterior accessories. Your last two lenses could then focus on essential car parts and car modification.

The more Squidoo lens that you have the more potential traffic you can drive to your website. However creating and updating these Squidoo lens can be quite time consuming, so why not outsource the work to our team of professional copy writers?

Here at Article Alley we have extensive experience when it comes to Squidoo lens creation and we can offer you a very competitive service, which is as follow:

You may also find our Hubpage writing service of interest.

Hubpages Writing Service


Hubpages is another popular social network site. It gives you the opportunity to get your website more hits and to bring you potential customers and clients. This is because even if people can't find your website within a search engine search they may come across your hubpage, which will contain links back to your website, thus bringing you more traffic. So what can you do with a hubpage?

On a hubpage you can include aspects such as links, images, text and RSS feeds as well as videos, all of which can be used as means of promoting your website and again, like with Squidoo lens you are able to produce a number of hubpages and the more you have the better chance you have of driving more traffic to your website.

If you are interested in having a hubpage created then get in touch with us here at Article Alley. We have extensive experience of hub creation and can offer you a competitive service which includes the following:

Also if you prefer we can also offer you competitive package deals so you get the best of both worlds; Squidoo lens and Hubpages

Combination package - 1 Squidoo lens and 1 Hubpages - $70
Combination package - 2 Squidoo lens and 3 hubpages (or other combinations) - $175