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If you are looking for a website, that features quality content from trusted and reputable authors then look no further than Article Alley. The best articles on our site get 100.000ís of page views. Thatís massive exposure for your work and the authors concerned.

Itís free to join our site, and once established you can you will be invited to join our revenue sharing program and earn royalties from your work.

Please note that we work in partnership with our Authors.

We will promote and show case your work and help to protect your copyright.

In turn you need to submit, good quality original and unique work, so that means you canít scrape or copy content from elsewhere even free sites such as Wikipedia, and once published with us you canít use the content again elsewhere.

Getting the most out of Article Alley

Once you have joined us and started submitting your articles, the next step is to get more attention to your work. Look around the site, find authors that you like and follow them, if they like your work they will follow you back.

You can also help by Tweeting about your articles on Twitter and using social network sites such as Facebook to spread the word about your content.

If you have a Google account then use the authorship features within that to indicate to Google that you are the author of the work.

Do you have a blog? Then blog about your work also.

For best result, post new articles on a daily basis. That way you can build a reputation.