Summer gear: Coolest moto jackets for the hottest rides

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Summer is almost officially here. If you haven't enjoyed riding your motorbike yet, it should be about time to get back on the road. Whether you are thinking about riding along the coastline or in the stunning mountainous scenery, for a day or for an actual vacation, it is a great idea to get yourself ready in order to get the most out of the hottest rides.

Riding a motorcycle in hot weather doesn't mean compromising the skin protection. A summer moto jacket can help you stay fresh and safe while on the road.

While the weather is not always perfect, hitting the road in summer will expose you to higher temperatures and more sunlight compared to the long winter months we have just left behind. If you are wondering about how to handle the heat that radiates from the atmosphere and the pavement, here is a piece of advice: get the appropriate motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycle jackets are designed to protect the upper part of your body from abrasion and can be made of different materials: the heavier and thicker ones will be more capable of providing protection in very high-speed crashes. But how to protect your skin in hot weather? Do you actually need to give up at wearing a jacket?

Not really. The key is to opt for a summer jacket, created specifically to increase the air flow during the hottest days without compromising the skin protection. Made of perforated, mesh fabric, summer jackets allow higher breathability keep you cool and fresh while on the road. Ventilated gear is in fact designed to facilitate the evaporative cooling process, essential to maintain normal human body temperature, to work properly.

Most of the jackets also offer a waterproof feature that will help you stay dry if you get caught in a summer rainstorm. And for the rides in different weather conditions? Some jackets include removable layers that you can easily insert or take off for your comfort.

There is a great variety of brands specialized in motorcycle clothing out there: Alpinestars, Dainese and Spidi are some of them. Many online stores, such as Motostorm offer a wide selection of summer jackets that can best suit your style; their passionate team of experts will help you choose the gear you are looking for.

Ready for your first summer ride yet? Enjoy and stay cool!

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