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Be Reunited with your ex Boyfriend / lover even when it seems Hopeless !

15th December 2010
Time is definitely on your side after a sudden break up. This advice is only if you have been on the receiving end of a dumping.If you haven't discovered this advice and have been knashing your teeth and burning up the phone and internet lines contacting ... Read >
Author: Elle Mai

My Cheating Husband Broke My Heart How Do I Begin To Heal?

30th November 2010
Healing isn't easy now that my cheating husband broke my heart. I just need a little nudge in the right direction. How do I make the pain stop so that I can get back into life and really living again? This is a question that too many people are forced ... Read >
Author: T Dub Jackson

Getting Over Being Dumped - On Giving Advices, Sincere Prayer and Moving on

23rd November 2010
How to get over being dumped is hard as waking up early in the morning trying to stimulate the body for school. Break up is part of the relationship with some good or bad reasons.In the scenario of break up, either of the couples decide the break up and t... Read >
Author: Johnny Wayne

Are You Struggling to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back? Here is How to Get Her Back & Keep Her For Good

09th August 2010
Are you wishing you could end the lonely nights you are suffering because you haven't played the wrong part in a relationship and lost your girlfriend? Don't you want any other girl but your ex and you are having a hard time getting her back? If so, here ... Read >
Author: Russell Jackson

Getting Your Ex to Fall Back in Love With You - Ways to Win a Love Back

03rd August 2010
Going through a break up that you did not plan or expect is a very painful experience that can affect your whole being. If getting your ex to fall back in love with you is the only thing that you want, then you have to equip yourself with the best tools a... Read >
Author: Gerry Restrivera

Do You Know You Can Make Your Ex Love You Again As Long As You Follow the Right Steps? Find Out How

25th May 2010
Going through a breakup is not as easy as you imagine it to be. If it is your first time to suffer a broken heart it may be that you feel devastated about the whole thing. You may be suffering from sleepless nights thinking of ways to get your ex back. Yo... Read >
Author: Rahul Talwar

How to Make Your Ex Crawl Back to You Fast? Ignoring This Can Kill Your Chances Completely

20th May 2010
It's such a painful thing that you lost the love of your life. But you know that it's still workable and you want to get back with the guy who previously caused you pain. Find out how you can do that the best way possible. Stop communicating - Although... Read >
Author: Rahul Talwar

How to Get Your Ex Interested in You Again - This Will Make Them Crawl Back to You Instantly

10th April 2010
Being dumped by the person you always thought to be the "one" for you, is really heart-breaking. But post dumping, are you still facing difficulties in coming to terms with the break up? If that be the case, then this article can definitely help you ... k... Read >
Author: Rahul Talwar

Guide to Get Your Ex Back - 3 Universal Tips to Seduce Your Ex Back in a Long Distance Relationship

08th March 2010
Is is true that being apart will only cause you to love more? Believably.. However, this may cause problems in the relationship. Why? A fruitful relationship requires efforts from both parties. Without exerting efforts on keeping the relationship strong a... Read >
Author: Jason Wolf

How to Heal a Broken Heart after Your Husband is Caught Cheating

03rd March 2010
You might be wondering how to heal your broken hear after husband is caught cheating. It probably seems impossible at the moment but women do pull through this more often than makes the headlines. In fact, it will probably be much easier for you because... Read >
Author: T Dub Jackson

Three Popular Psychological Tips to Get My Ex Back

09th August 2009
It's not uncommon to question the end of a relationship especially when it occurs suddenly. The person that was dumped often wonders if there is a chance to mend their broken heart and get a second chance with their ex. If you find yourself asking, "can I... Read >
Author: jerry cart


06th June 2009
SHUT OUT THE COLD AND KEEP SNUG WITH THE FOREVER FRIENDS MICROWAVABLE TEDDY BEAR Find Me A Gift are looking forward to a snugly hug with their new super furry friend! Nothing is cuter than a super soft and cuddly teddy bear! We all have those days (yes,... Read >
Author: sarah hague

The magic power of words and their influence on people

18th May 2009
THE MAGIC POWER OF WORDS The wonders of science in our present age have even bewildered the greatest magicians and sorcerers of the past and present age. The scientific inventions we use in our daily life have completely transformed our living standard.... Read >
Author: Khadim hussain subhpoto

Why Being Heart Broken Can Kill You and Why You Need to Fix It Fast

17th April 2009
When you are suffering from heartbreak or a broken heart you feel both emotionally and physically tired. When it happens to others, we advice them to get over it as soon as possible to gain back a peaceful life. It is easy to give advice and ask others to... Read >
Author: Chris J Roberts

Your Wife Is Set To Cheat On You If You're Making This Mistake...

24th February 2009
"Dear Calle, This past week my wife confessed that she had an affair with a man in a neighboring department where she works. She assures me that the affair is over with, that the whole thing was a mistake, and that I'm the only man she loves. Also, she... Read >
Author: Calle Zorro
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