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A Few Misconceptions about Spanish

26th July 2008
Some believe that the Spanish language spoken in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Spain (to name a few countries) varies widely from one country to the next. However, this is far from true. The Spanish spoken around the world is for the most part standardized. In ... Read >
Author: SAL

The Importance of Learning Japanese

06th May 2008
Despite being overshadowed by the economic rise of countries like China and India, Japan remains the second largest economy in the world and hence learning Japanese can be an important skill. Japanese exports of automobiles and other manufacturing goods a... Read >
Author: Ultimate Language

Goji Juice Side Effects - The Facts And Theories

11th June 2007
What are the side effects of Goji Juice?In order to answer the question, let's take a look at what Goji berries are.These small red berries are found, and harvested in the Himalayas.While they are only relatively new to the worldwide market, they are crea... Read >
Author: Alien

Alternative vs. Mass Tourism

27th March 2007
Most people have a defined picture of a vacation, usually associated with accommodation and some attractions at a place or few. But is it the not so commercialized alternative forms of tourism, which bring the real relaxation and excite us? More and mo... Read >
Author: abraxas
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