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Debit and Credit - Double Entry Bookkeeping Method

11th November 2010
In the language of accounting, the left-hand side of an account is called the debit side. Thus, an account with left-hand entries greater in total than the right-hand entries is said to have a debit balance. The following accounts normally have debit bala... Read >
Author: Sherman Stephens

TOEFL IBT Preparation Tips

31st August 2010
Like TOEFL, its preparations also go round the year. Therefore, team StudyPlaces brings you some preparation tips for TOEFL IBT. Read on. Reading Tips English-language learners can improve their reading skills by reading regularly, especially univer... Read >
Author: studyplaces

Possessive Nouns - When To Use The Apostrophe

29th September 2009
One of the oldest traits that makes man human --and something that we can all relate to-- is 'possession.' While animals are fiercely territorial, humans are fiercely possessive. We compete so that we can win something, be that an asset or some abstrac... Read >
Author: marciano guerrero

Master English Speaking In Mumbai - Four Tips To Improve Your Spoken English And Speak With Co

08th May 2009
Looking For help on "english speaking in mumbai"? Do you want to win over your audience, employer and colleagues with a confident, strong command of English? Do you feel low and left out when you find others confidently speaking in English while you feel ... Read >
Author: Bindas Bol

Presupposition and Persuasion

13th February 2008
At the core of presupposition is the idea that we can assume a mental position or thought which our prospects or clients must take for granted in order for everything else that we say to make sense without us actually having to name the core concept. I... Read >
Author: Kenrick E. Cleveland

Which Two South American Countries Dont Speak Spanish

29th January 2008
Learning Spanish: Spanish Language Dictionary Spanish Language Commercials All those who have studied a foreign language understand the process of trial and error each of us goes through as we learn to speak in a new language. There are different type... Read >
Author: Lori

Importance of Coding Standards

28th July 2005
Programming Help for Beginners - Importance of Coding Standards Programming Help for Beginners Importance of Coding Standards We write programs to instruct computers. When programming using a high level programming language like C++ or Java... Read >
Author: John Dirk
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