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Telepathy: Power Of The Mind

16th April 2009
Telepathy is the art of being able to communicate using only the power of the mind; the ability to understand the thoughts of another person. It stems from the Ancient Greek language, and means 'distant feeling', where empathy is strong between one or mor... Read >
Author: J. Roslyn Antle

Graphology at Home - Lesson 21a - Draw Someone

09th September 2008
How one draws a person reveals a great deal. Maternal Figure regarded as rejecting, unloving, and unsupportive: hands omitted on female Figure... Vast research was done among several psychoanalysts and psychologists into human figure drawings. The s... Read >
Author: careertest.ws

Acid Reflux and Weight Gain

16th November 2006
Acid reflux is a common disorder that affects more than 7 percent of the American population. The disease generates symptoms such as heartburn, throat inflammation and pain, difficulty swallowing and difficulty breathing. The symptoms of acid reflux have ... Read >
Author: groshan fabiola
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