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A Brief History of Miami Beach

25th June 2012
Miami Beach is well known for being one of the most glamorous destinations in the USA, with the area's beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife and rich and diverse culture attracting holiday-makers from every corner of the globe. But it wasn't always this wa... Read >
Author: H.Bindeus

Kiev: The Capital City of Ukraine

17th May 2012
Kiev is not only the largest city in Ukraine; it is also the capital city. Situated on the Dnieper River in the central part of the country, the city has a population of more than 2.5 million people, and it attracts over 1 million visitors every year. It ... Read >
Author: John McMalcolm

Finding a Good Patong Condo Rental

14th March 2012
Finding a good accommodation in Phuket that is not just comfortable but also pocket-friendly is a challenging task. Besides, if you intend to travel to this beautiful city in peak tourist season then the chances of getting a good accommodation is rather b... Read >
Author: scott riefler

Best Hotels in Bermuda

11th January 2012
Bermuda is one of the places in the world that can be described as a tropical paradise. Its pristine beaches and sparkling blue waters provide the perfect environment for a tropical vacation, and it attracts many tourists from North America and Europe eve... Read >
Author: John McMalcolm

Top 10 Cyprus Beaches

10th October 2011
Cyprus is one of the top holiday destinations in Europe, because it has some of the finest beaches in the Mediterranean. This wonderful island has more than 400 miles of coastline, surrounded by the crystal clear turquoise water, and it is warm and sunny ... Read >
Author: John McMalcolm

Mexico Real Estate In Yucatan to Benefit from New Bullet Train

25th August 2010
The Mexico real estate industry for non-Mexican buyers is one which is closely tied into the tourism industry. This is especially true in areas like the Yucatan Peninsula, where the value of Mexico properties can increase significantly with a growing numb... Read >
Author: Thomas Lloyd

Angeles City Day Trips – so much to discover

24th May 2010
Angeles City is mostly famous for its vibrant nightlife with hundreds of clubs, bars and restaurants. But apart from that, there are a lot of beautiful and breathtaking places that are just waiting to be discovered. So if you are looking for great daytime... Read >
Author: Steffen

The Top 10 Greek Holiday Attractions

04th July 2006
The stunning natural beauty of bright blue seas, ancient archaeological sites, charming island villages, and a hot, mainly dry climate, make Greece a fantastic holiday destination. Visitors to this Mediterranean idyll with its archipelago of over 1000 isl... Read >
Author: GEM Motoring Assist
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