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23rd November 2010
Most people by now have heard of the theory that there are 2 sides to the brain and each person is dominant on either one side or the other. The theory of the right brain-left brain grew out of the work of Roger W. Sperry, who was awarded the Nobel Prize ... Read >
Author: Stan Barrett

The Pros and Cons of Practical Mind Mapping

17th August 2010
The best way to have a look at the pros and cons of practical mind mapping is to compare it with regular mindmaps and computer mindmaps. Practical Mind Mapping is a practical system that can be used on a computer but on paper as well. The first thing t... Read >
Author: Arjen

How to create a SWOT analysis chart:

28th January 2010
Creating a SWOT analysis chart is not an easy task. It requires enough time, energy, and research. It is necessary to do SWOT analysis yearly, or order to get full command of your business and competitors. Analysis is considered as a common marketing tool... Read >
Author: Adil Rehman

Buzan's Imindmap review; is it any good?

09th April 2009
Who uses Buzan's Imindmap? People who want to use the produced mind map and to pass on the information to others. It's way easier to read than a hand written mind map. One of the rules of mind mapping is to write very clearly. Preferably in capital lette... Read >
Author: Jackowacko
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