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The development of reusable bags in China

30th January 2012
Shopping bags can be divided into two categories: reusable shopping bags and the ordinary plastic bags. Among them, one reusable shopping bag is sold at the price from 1.8RMB to 4.9RMB.One relevant people says that some supermarkets may make the price of ... Read >
Author: mhc007

SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language) to Help Active Directory Administrators

24th November 2009
SPML is a framework based on XML and targeted on users, resources and informational systems exchange between interacting organizations. To better understand the importance of SPML in Active Directory usage, let's return to its origins. SPML was created by... Read >
Author: Dmitriy Pl

How To Use Stock Charts To Configure Entry And Exit Strategies

11th August 2009
The Guaranteed Formula. I have included a list of the most popular charts used by full time traders. Having a list of charts and knowing what to do with them are two completely different things. This is where the magic comes in. We all want to cu... Read >
Author: A Friend
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