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Chemical Poisoning- Ingestion, Inhalation or Absorption of harmful substances

19th August 2010
Chemical poisoning is a major public health concern; it is a condition in which the body is exposed to a potentially harmful chemical in an amount that causes symptoms, disease and/or damage to cells, organs and/or body systems.It occurs when toxic substa... Read >
Author: herbalcure30

Changing Your Furnace Air Filter Linked to Better Health

25th November 2009
Changing your furnace air filters is never on anyones schedule. Most people replace their furnace air filter when they think about it, which might be once or twice a year. This has become increasingly unfortunate as the average person spends more and more... Read >
Author: buggiesdad05pkh@gmail.com

Dangers of Air Purifiers

24th September 2008
Two very common dangers of air purifiers could expose your family to unnecessary harm. What are they? How can you avoid them? Air purifier dealers promise you great benefits. Yet not all deliver and some do more harm than good. Consumer Reports Mag... Read >
Author: J Alan Rodgers
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