The Advantages of Every Door Direct Mail

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Published: 17th June 2015
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If you are considering using direct mail to promote you business Every Door Direct mail or EDDM is a program you should consider. If you have not heard of this type of mailing before, Iíll explain how it works. EDDM is the DIY of direct mail. You get the postcards printed; you pick postal carrier routes from the US Post office website, prepare the paperwork and bundling the cards; then you drop them off at the local postal branch. The postage is paid at the time of mailing and you donít need to acquire a permit like most bulk mailers professionals do.

The process is not too difficult and has some advantages over traditional direct mail that you may have used in the past. As far as cost is concerned EDDM postcards qualify for one of the lowest postal rates available $0.16 per piece. That is a big savings considering that the post office charges almost $0.19 for regular direct mail targeted by postal routes. While many mail houses have minimums of 2500 or 5000 at a time. The every door direct mail can be mailed in small quantities. You must mail an entire postal route at a time but most postal routes have only 400 and 600 deliveries. If you are on a tight budget this can be a big help with cash flow.

Having your direct mail get into the hands of just the right people will make or break a campaign. There is no physical mailing list used for EDDM. The mailing is targeted by postal route and the postman delivers your advertisement to everybody on his route. You can choose exactly what routes you want the postcards delivered to off a map at the post office website. This way there is no guesswork as to who received the mail. The post office usually delivers these postcards the next day so there is no guess work on when people will receive your message either.

So far Every Door Direct Mail sounds like it is the next evolution to direct mail. In most cases it is. However, there are a few disadvantages. One thing to consider is that you will be the one taking the mail to the post office. This is not terribly difficult but time is money and if you are mailing a large quantity of postcards there may be some labor involved. Also, the postcards must be bundled and paperwork prepared in a specific way to keep with postal regulations. Again time is really the big investment here. As far as demographics are concerned you donít have a lot of choices. The post office website does not provide any demographics. Geography is the only way to tailor who receives the postcards. There are companies that provide EDDM services. They can produce the printed materiel and prepare the mailing for you. Some companies will be able to provide demographics for the postal routes that the post office does not. Income, home value and age of head of household are usually available to tailor who receives the mailing.

If you have decided to use direct mail to promote your business then I suggest that you consider the Every Door Direct mail program. As you can see there are more advantages to disadvantages. The lower postage rate and flexibility with mail dates weigh in your favor. And well as the fact that you can target the area to mail to down to the postal route level. The down side is finding the time prepare the mailing and take it to the post office. If you can delegate to someone else this might not be a problem after all. Mailing to a specific demographic is the only other significant problem with this type of mailing. You canít target home with pools or exclude apartments like you can with a traditional mailing. But when it comes to mailing to neighborhoods by postal route Every Door Direct mail is king.

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