The Most Popular Martial Art Techniques

Published: 08th May 2020
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There are many martial arts which have been developed in the last several centuries. This would lead many to believe that there are thousands of techniques deriving from these many martial art forms. Many variations of the various techniques may exist, but when you closely look at the different martial art styles, they all have a few moves common to them. Unless you are writing an extensive book, it's quite impossible to list all of the popular techniques in martial arts in an article. In this post, we'll discuss a number of techniques that are commonly used in the various martial arts.

The reverse punch and boxing jab are two basic punches you will see widely used in martial arts. Essentially, the jab is utilized to set up the stage for a power blow that's delivered by using the rear hand. The reverse punch has a lot of uses, though it is mostly employed to hurt the adversary's floating rib area. As for hand techniques, the two common ones are the finger jab and palm strike. The finger jab is utilized to momentarily blind an adversary to set up yet another attack. The palm strike, as its name indicates, is a hand technique in which the palm is employed to deliver a whopping blow rather than the knuckles. This effectively prevents the small bones of the knuckles from breaking.

Kicking techniques are somewhat popular too. Two of the most widely used ones are the straight kick and roundhouse or hook line kick. They're common because they are rather accurate. When compared to more complicated kicks, these two kicking techniques have a tendency to land with higher frequency.

Throws are really popular too. Throws are a debilitating move. No challenger will feel nice soon after landing from a throw. The hip throw and outer leg reap are a couple of common throws. Many people view these throws as "judo throws" since they're extremely prominent judo. It has to be mentioned, however, that these throws aren't employed exclusively in judo. Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, karate, and other arts employ these two throws also. They're common as they are easy to do and they work very well.

There are grappling moves, which have always been popular moves. The most widely used grappling moves, especially point locks, are the straight armlock, wristlock, and bent armlock. In general, these three grappling or lock moves are utilized successively, which is why they are typically the most commonly used moves for locking the joints. Given that martial artists these days are frequently making use of grappling techniques, it's become crucial to learn how to break free from pin positions. Among the necessary techniques would be a bridge and a hip and elbow escape.

There are many more techniques in martial arts and just as many varieties of these techniques. The ones talked about here are only a few of the most common ones.

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