Three Tips To Skyrocket Your Telemarketing Career

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Published: 06th February 2017
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Globalization took the world by a storm almost two decades ago and opened up innumerable employment opportunities for a wide variety of professionals. But they had one thing in common - the majority of these jobs rode the IT wave. With the boom of the IT industry and the growth of the internet, sales jobs were substituted by telemarketing professionals. However, the new nature of job demand a different skill set because the interaction between a client and a tele-sales representative takes place only over a telephone.

Now, if you have some basic concept of sales jobs or are interested in becoming a telemarketing professional in the near future, you may find the tips mentioned in the article extremely useful. These tips, if applied diligently after reasonable practice, can create wonders for your tele-marketing career.
Therefore, without wasting of your precious time, let us take you the main points.

#1. It doesn't matter what your shift timings are, you must maintain an extremely cheerful disposition. Remember that the person you are calling may be living in an entirely different time-zone and he is not at all aware of whether you are yawning at a morning shift or feeling extremely tired in a night shift. It is your problem and you should be able to deal with it. In fact, study reveals that if you manage to remain cheerful from the bottom of your heart and start each and every call with a burst of positive energy, chances are high that you will be able to convert your lead into a sale. One simple mantra - as long as you are calling, keep aside every other bitter issues in your professional and personal lives. By concentrating on the task at hand, you not only give your company a customer but also add to your prospect of getting promoted.

#2. Give yourself some time for preparing the ground before you call someone. Make sure you have his name, email address, phone number and if possible, residential address too! Many a times, you can impress your lead by engaging in small talks regarding some local issues in his region, if you are aware of his zip code and have the tenacity to google some information about him and his locality. Also, be one hundred percent sure about the pronunciation of his name, surname, address and other details. Most of the tele-callers commit the blunder of pronouncing a leads name in an incorrect manner, simply out of haste or over-excitement. Ask yourself - will you be able to buy someone's word if that person cannot even pronounce your name properly? Human psyche is a strange thing; it immediately prompts us no to trust callers who knows nothing about us and more so when they cannot even pronounce our names. So, as a tip, I suggest you to take help from peers, seniors and the internet to mitigate any risk of mispronunciation.

#3. Apart from oozing out a positive vibe and pronouncing correctly, another thing is extremely important - intonation, accent, voice modulation and script manipulation. Talking with a lead or an existing customer over the telephone becomes easy when you are able to synchronize yourself with the customer, have an empathetic mindset and are able to listen carefully before speaking. If you maintain these simple things your voice will automatically be modulated according to the situation and you will not have to put in extra efforts to do so. However, if you are not a native speaker of your customer's language or dialect, you must seriously consider approaching your HR manager for further training on the accent and intonation. Excellent command over the language will breed confidence within you and you will be able to build the rapport easily with lead. Moreover, don't learn the pitching script by rot. Internalize the key points, rehearse it through role plays and convince yourself about the effectiveness of the product or service that you are marketing through calls. If you are not convinced about something, then there is almost no chance that you will be able to convince a lead. Manipulate your script on the go, according to the situation. Remember that sticking too much with the script is a sure shot recipe for blunder. Mould it according to your own personality, add some personal tweaks and flavors in it to make it unique and you are all set to bang the market! One last thing that excellent telemarketing professionals do throughout their careers - make the habit of taking notes during or after the call, whenever you encounter a new question or a tricky situation. Even if you fail in answering a few unusual or awkward questions, you need to make sure that you can answer them the next time you come across them.


Trained telemarketing professionals are assets for any company. Worldwide Information Warehouse is a specialist in telemarketing and many good companies outsource their calling jobs to them. The author, Jeo Nash, is a floor manager in the afore-mentioned company.

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