Tips on how to clear out your kitchen

Published: 25th June 2015
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If you questioned a whole bunch of people, and asked them what belongs in a kitchen, they are more then likely to say bowls, spoons or pots and pans. A couple of off beat people could even reply something a little off the wall like mixer or power whisk. You would have to ask alot more people for somebody said the no tears onion dicer. The fact is not a soul must have any of these products, nevertheless such is human nature to horde to make our life's simpler with nick nacs and what nots. For good examples have a look at , all very interesting items but for the most part unproductive and novelty. So I am cleaning up my kitchen, it's actually unworkable with the gadgets I've hoarded year after year. Answering yes to any of the basic questions below and they will be given grace to remain in my new look super fresh kitchen.

Did I use it this month or so ? Can I earn money with it? Is it a present?

With luck , they will lighten up the load that is on the way for good will.

That is 5 boxes all together, gone and never to return. Three of the boxes are brimming with Silver and dinnerware, 1 loaded with drinking games, all handed down to my college bound nephew. The remainder of the boxes are brimming with the junk which should never belong in a kitchen, or should I say helpful and unique kitchen gadgets. A couple of days of really hard decisions and hard work have left my kitchen looking like the day I moved in.

Cocktails and finger food were on the menu, and a quick trip to Walmart and the Liquor store the evening was all set. I firmly believe if the gang hadn't had brought beer the evening would have remained very sophisticated. Well shortly after there arrival the drinking games made an appearance. The rest is history apart fro the worlds worst hangover , which I have as I type this. Every key stroke feels like a elephant jumping on my temples. No pity is required though, im doing enough self pity and after all I kind of brought it on myself.

So after all of that what do I have left? We can all agree my dignity went the minute the drinking games came out.

I kept 1 set of dinner and silver ware for when I entertain next. It wont be in a hurry that I can guarantee. I also kept a couple sets for every day use. As far as bigger items goes I kept a bunch of pots and pans, a food processor and hand blender that I use regularly to make protein shakes.

All the glassware ( you never can enough) Tupperware something every kitchen should have in abundance( all had to have lids , and be in good condition.)

What didn't earn its keep.

My pananni maker, I did love this thing. It really did take up too much counter space, I would never clean it and it became gross so I stopped using it. Afraid I should have kept this one and just not been so lazy.

A spare Forman grill that was still in the box. Not really big enough for what I would use it for. Will be great in my nephews dorm room.

A Salad spinner that was quite useful back in the day. However pre packed and washed salads are so cheap and convenient to just buy from the grocery store.

The bucket load of drinking games that my liver insisted had to go. Free to now lower my nephews GPA.

My nephew also received all the mismatched dinner and silverware. Along with some old pots and pans.

The kitchen is looking lean, mean and ready to make some fantastic meals. Its going to have to wait as I'm not moving from my spot on the couch, Pizza hut has been informed of my fragile state and will be bringing a large Hawaiian pizza and bottle of coke in about 30 minutes.

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