It has been a long time in coming, nearly 8 years since our last site refresh, but better late than never as they say.   Article Alley was hit hard by the Google Panda update and sadly our loyal team of 16 people lost their jobs at that time.  But we have reflected long and hard on those times and have now rededicated ourselves and decided to relaunch.

We were very popular pre Panda with more than 500,000 members and a site that reached over 2million pages at its peak enjoying a million plus page views monthly.  Content on our old site was often published on Article Alley and other websites.  Things are very different on our new site however.

Here are our new guidelines.

  • All content must be unique and exclusive to Article Alley
  • We don’t allow abusive, gamling, porn or other such things to be promoted
  • Our site is a subscription only model now, free to view, put only paid memberships.
  • Users are divided into Pro members and Regular members.  Pro member accounts are dofollow, Regular members nofollow.   Our Pro members earn their status by up votes (called Alley Ups) and though our own algorithmn which rewards good quality and regular authors.

Enjoy our site again, we are back promoting and refining so you can be sure your content will be the fullest exposure.

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