Top paying careers in 2020
Top paying careers in 2020


The world has changed or rather, the world as we knowit, is changing. If there is anything the Coronavirus pandemic has shown us, itis that nothing is stable. Over the past few weeks, mankind's way of life andits perspective towards things has been forcefully changed. One of those things that we've had to change our mindset on our career paths. Who would havethought today healthcare jobs would be the highest paying jobs in the world?

This single fact has been proven by U.S. News and World Report, both of whom reported that healthcare professionals currently hold the position as the top paying career in 2020, and more specifically, Anesthesiologists.

According to the data compiled by U.S. News, health-related careers hold the top eleven position of the top paying careers of 2020, with Anesthesiologists coming out in the first position with a mean salary of $267,020 per year while surgeons, oral, and maxillofacial surgeons,obstetricians and gynecologists, orthodontist, psychiatrist, physician, prosthodontist,  pediatrician,  dentist and nurse anesthetist come out as the next ten, respectively.

These top eleven top-paying jobs require high-cost education and are not to be thought of as an easy ride. All require you to havea doctorate which you can only get by going to a medical college for four years. While you might go through a lot of stress or might have to put in a lot of effort to survive, it does pay off eventually.

But that's not the only career path that can potentially provide you with a six-figure income. There are lots of otheroptions available, but make no mistake, they all require hard work. Let's take a look at the top five, shall we?

1.     Petroleum Engineering

Mean salary:$156,370 per year

Industry: Engineering

Education needed:Bachelor's degree

A petroleum engineer is someone who evaluates oil andgas reservoirs to determine their profitability. According to environmental science, "They examine the geology of future drilling sites to plan the safest and most efficient method of drilling and recovering oil. They manage the installation, maintenance, and operation of equipment. They also manage the completion of wells.  During production, they monitor yield and develop modifications and stimulation programs to enhance it. They're also responsible for solving operational problems that may arise."

To put in simpler terms would be saying a petroleum engineer's job is to determine the most efficient way to drill for or extract oil and natural gas at a particular well.

Becoming a petroleum engineer requires a bachelor'sdegree in petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, or chemical engineering. To further your career, a Master's in Biotechnology should beconsidered.

2.     ITManager

Mean salary:$152,860 per year

Industry: Technology

Education needed:Bachelor's degree

Who are Information Technology managers? described an IT manager as someone who is "responsiblefor the overall performance of a company's electronic networks and leads the IT department in fulfilling the organization's information systems requirements. Focusing on a company's in-house computer networks may involve selecting the hardware and software that is needed for the network, updating internal servers, or looking at other electronic support systems that can improve worker's productivity.

An IT manager is one can handle any IT task from the simplest ones to the toughest ones. They are also responsible for recruitingand training computer programmers, database and system administrators, as well as determining what the IT needs of an organization are.

To become one of these bad boys, you need to have a bachelor's degree in a computer or science-related field. However, a graduate degree will put you at the top of the food chain. You need to also have at least six years of experience working in the IT industry.

3.     Marketingmanager

Mean salary:$147,240 per year

Industry: Sales and marketing

Education needed:Bachelor's degree

From the word 'marketing', it is safe to deduce that marketing managers are people who manage the marketing aspects of your businessor product. It is their duty to put together budgets and estimates for marketing campaigns, submit them for approval, work with advertising agencies, prepare sales and advertising contracts, as well as reviewing advertising material.

Every business needs a marketing manager. It is theirjob to ensure that products are well-groomed for the public. Without them, businesses would flop.

How Can You Become A Marketing Manager?

  - Earn abachelor's degree in sales and marketing

  - Acquire work experience

  - Consider certifications

4.     Financial manager

Mean salary:$146,830 per year

Industry: Business

Education needed:Bachelor's degree

A financial manager has to oversee the finances of acompany,  coordinate accounting,  and produce financial reports,  cash-flow statements, and profit projections.  A financial manager must also be someone good at paying attention to detail and someone who can help other members  organization they work for understand complex reports.  A good financial manager will be someone with good communication skills.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that between 2018 and 2028,  there will be a 16.0% employment growth for financial managers, meaning more one hundred thousand jobs are expected to open up in that line of work.

Become a financial manager with a bachelor's degree inbusiness. Work experience is also needed. You can begin at an entry-level.

5.     Lawyer

Mean salary:$144,230 per year

Industry: Social services

Education needed:Doctorate

Other than doctors and healthcare professionals, lawyers are also placed in high regard. It is their job to defend the law, protect the law, and ensure that justice takes place, thus, making the world abetter place. A lawyer's job sometimes is not easy. It might require you to become a despicable version of yourself in the pursuit of justice and for those who seek to defend rather than prosecute, it will take all of you.

However, this life does come with an appealing salary.To become a lawyer, you need to:

  - Earn a bachelor's degree in any subject.

  - Take and pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

  - Attend lawschool and acquire a Juris Doctor (JD)

  - Complete a clerkship at a local law firm to gain experience (optional)

  - Take and pass your state Bar Examination