Brave Dog Names
Brave Dog Names

Brave Dog Names

In many cases, the dogs display such brave, fearless, and courage attributes. Dogs bravely protect the home, compound, territory, and master. Here are good names that relate to brave, fearless, and courage.

The sight of hesitation, sound of heartbeat, and smell of stress hormone are signs of fear. With the combination of sight, hear, and smell sense, the dogs pick up the sign of fear. Once the detection of fear, the dogs bravely go after the target.

Some of the brave dog names are Baldwin, Gallagher, Maynard, Reynard, Valiant, Willard, and Wyatt. The names literally and closely mean brave, strong, mighty, noble, and courageous.

Baldwin and Reynard does not exactly mean brave. Baldwin means brave friend, while the Reynard means brave counsel. Both names came from German origin. And, both are mainly for male dogs.

The heroes, warriors, soldiers, and knights often depict brave and courage. We hear the courageous acts in books, stories, histories, myths, and legends. So, we look to them for example of braveness.

The war tests the level of courage and braveness in soldiers, warriors, and knights. Here are a few names that relates to war. It may be appropriate for the brave dog.

Dustin is a male and English dog name which means brave warrior, fighter, knight, or soldier. The common variations of Dustin are Dustan, Dusten, Duston, Dusty, and Dustyn. Warriors may also exhibit high intelligence and fairness. Caedmon is an Irish and male dog name. It means wise warrior. Now, Findlay, Finlay, and Finley are Irish dog names that mean fair warrior.

The Chevalier and Ritter are names which mean knight. A shorter variation of Chevalier may be Chevy. In French, Chevalier means horse rider. In ancient times, the horse is the main transportation. And, the knight knows how to ride a horse. In German, Ritter is a name. It means knight as well. The name is more common for male dog.

Valiant is another word for brave. With the word valiant, we can come up with Conley, Gallagher, and Reilly. The names mean valiant in Irish origin. Except for Reilly, Conley and Gallagher are male dog names. On the other hand, Reilly works for male or female dogs.

Courage is another strong word for brave. Eyal and Tormod are good dog names that relates to courage. Eyal is a male and Hebrew dog name which means courage. As for Tormod, the names mean the mind and courage of Thor. He is the god of thunder in German Mythology. Tormod is most popular in Norwegian, German, and Dutch region.

Sometimes, we compare the dog and bear. During the hunting season, the master brings companion dogs to help hunt. Rarely, they will encounter bear. And, the companion dogs fend off the bear with his masters.

Bernard is a German dog name which means brave and strong as a bear. The variations are Barnard, Bernadette, Bernardine, Bernardino, Bernardo, and Bernie.

The brave attribute of the dog charms the pet owners. The dogs are always loyal to the master. And, the dogs will bravely defend and protect the master and territory. In many cases, the dog saves the life of the master with every ounce of brave and courage.