Coolest Teenage Birthday Party Games
Coolest Teenage Birthday Party Games

Coolest Teenage Birthday Party Games

The trick to getting a teen to play some teenage birthday party games is rather simple, you must think like a teenager or be deviant which ever works for you!

They will have so much fun with these games they will not even realize they are playing a game or with any luck a little bit of that girl or boy you once tucked snuggly in to bed at night might just peak out of their teenage bodies and enjoy the innocence of childhood again for a few magical hours.

Girls Only Games

For a girls only birthday party I suggest you drag out that old trunk full of dress-up clothes and have a fashion show! Relax, I am just kidding!

Famous Woman

This is a fun game that focuses on just women a sort of "No Boys Allowed" game. You will need to make this game up ahead of time as well. Using an index card write a short bio of several different famous women, so yourself a favor and skip the women of history and anything that has to do with education. This is a party not an SAT study group. With that in mind go with celebrities, movie stars, singers, athletes, authors and any woman that a teenager knows about.

Example Bio - I am a blonde woman, 511, thin, except for my bulging belly. I live in Australia and in Los Angeles, California. I was once married to a man who jumps on the furniture while being interviewed by talk show hosts and seemingly enjoys making a fool out of himself. Lucky for me I am now married to a man who sings me country love songs. Who am I? Answer: Nichole Kidman.

You can either divide the girls up in to teams or allow them to play these teenage party games individually. Use a bell or have them raise their hand to answer the question whoever answers the question correctly gets a token. Have a few small prizes and each token is worth one point and number the prizes per token amount, have a small selection of cosmetics, jewelry, bath products, anything a teenage girl would like.

Boys Only Games

By nature boys tend to be more active than girls so you will need some teenage birthday games that will accommodate the energy level of a teenage boy.

Free Shots

Another game is free shot the teenager stands in a certain place usually a good distance from the basket and shoots continuously until he misses. The boy who makes the most shots wins. A limit of 10 shots is a good starting point. A basket ball is a nice prize idea.

This game can also be adjusted to any sport with a little imagination use the birthday boys favorite sports as your guide.

Girls And Boys Games

If the teenage birthday party is co-ed then get out the karaoke machine and have a singing or lip syncing contest. A dance a-thon, partner competition or dance-off are also a great ideas. Anything that will keep the teenagers moving and grooving.

Teenage birthday party games do take a little thought and preparation but its well worth it!

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