Does My Ex Still Love Me? Heres How to Know For Sure
Does My Ex Still Love Me? Heres How to Know For Sure

Does My Ex Still Love Me? Heres How to Know For Sure

Does My Ex Still Love Me? Heres How to Know For Sure
If youve gone through a tough break up and need to decide what to do next, there are 2 questions you need to ask: Do I want to get back with your ex? Does my Ex still loves you? If you answered yes to the first question, its time to discover the answer to the second.

If you want to know whether your ex still loves you, you need to be on the lookout for some simple signs which will make everything clear. Here are some signs that your ex still loves you and that you can get back to him if you play things right:

1. Your ex tries to be in contact with you - Usually, if someone stops loving you and breaks up with you they want very little contact with you. If thats not the case and your ex emails, texts, or phones you, theres a good chance he or she still has very deep feelings for you.

2. Your ex asks about you - You and your ex must have some common friends or acquaintances. If your ex asks about you, tries to find out whats been going on in your life, and so on, its not done without reason. It indicates that your ex still has strong feelings about you.

3. Your ex tries to find out if youre dating anyone - This is an expansion of the 2nd sign, but its a massive indicator that they still care. Otherwise, they wouldnt feel jealous or worried that you might meet someone new.

4. Your ex left some stuff over at your place and hasnt picked it up - If your ex wanted a clean break he or she would pick up all of their stuff. If they left something behind, they may want to have an excuse to see you again in the future. Its a sign that your ex may still love you.

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