Free SMS Texting - Advantages And Disadvantages
Free SMS Texting - Advantages And Disadvantages

Free SMS Texting - Advantages And Disadvantages

Free SMS Texting sites are being setup daily. What is in it for your business? The competition for this free service has become very competitive over the past few years. Here are the things that you should know before you engage free online SMS texting services for your business.Free SMS texting, as the name implies, is a no-cost service for sending SMS messages thru your PC and your Internet connection.

The main reason why this service is extraordinarily attractive to most businesses is because it eliminates the element of cost in sending text messages. It is free and you never have to pay anything, ever. Sending SMS messages from your personal computer, also, has the extra advantage of rapidly typing the text messages to your potential clients because it is undeniably a lot faster to type your text messages from your personal computer keyboard than from the tiny keyboard of your mobile phone.

But having it free has its disadvantages. Not all SMS text messages are actually free. Some service providers charge the recipient some fees for receiving the message. If you are using a free SMS texting service for your business, make sure your partners or clients are not being charged for receiving your text messages.

Majority of the free SMS texting providers oblige you to become a member first before you can avail of their free texting services. Once you register your own mobile phone number and the mobile phone numbers of your potential clients, you will get spammed SMS messages regularly.

You can just imagine how frustrating it can be for you and your clients to get spam text messages.These free SMS services also do not provide for sending SMS messages in bulk. Even if some of them spam your mobile phones, they dont want their free SMS texting services abused by other spammers as well. If you are sending a promotional message to 1000 clients, using a free SMS service will take some time.

As a final point, free SMS texting sites, are often clogged so your messages dont get delivered or experience some delays. If you have an urgent broadcast to make, you dont want to take the chance of your text messages not being received by your clients.

Now that you are aware of the benefits and pitfalls of free SMS texting, the decision which path to take lies upon you. If you are serious about your business, free SMS texting may not be a good fit for you.

Look beyond the free service and instead weigh the potential impact it may have on your business.Teodolfo is an Information Technology Consultant for Amyntor Limited.

Amyntor Limiteds major product is ClearSMS,, a web-based application that lets you send bulk SMS messages to your customers, contacts or just about anyone