Get Your Free Karaoke Software
Get Your Free Karaoke Software

Get Your Free Karaoke Software

Karaoke is a pastime that continues to grow and you have to agree its got great entertainment value. And now that you can easily turn your computer into a karaoke machine with free karaoke software theres no reason why you cant give it a try.

You can create your own songbooks, organize your music, and create playlists using any one of the many software package. There are freeware packages, shareware packages, and commercial packages so whether you find one that works for you for free or you have to pay a small fee there are some great choices. Check this software out.

1. Songbook Creation Software
This program will let you create a song database and then create your very own songbook. This software is very user friendly. Just a click of the mouse and you can find your favorite artist or song. 

2. Karaoke Island MP3 Karaoke Player
The basic version of this software is free and if you like it you can upgrade to the premium version which would then give you the ability to record. You get a very easy to use MP3 player and you can also turn your PC into a karaoke player.

3. KaraokeBooks
Lets you create your very own songbook and song lists. Set up as many as 20 disks all for free. If you want to have unlimited use just subscribe and pay their nominal fee. 

4. Kool Karaoke Studio
Now this is entertainment! Download and start to use right away. Find your favorite songs and download. Theres over 10,000 in the library. Create your own CDG disks and let your studio turn your PC into a player.

The studio has 8 voice adjustment settings and 6 special affects. Save your recordings to your hard drive and burn to CD anytime. Its easy to use. Just add your songs to your song list, click record, sing, and listen to your terrific recording.

5. Ashampoo Audio CD MP3 Studio
Not free but cheap and it offers a full range functions which include id3tag editing, mp3 encoding, auto checking, audio CD and MP3 player, backup capability, DAO mode, error handing, CDDB support, and a lot more! Try the trial version for free and if you like it pay the small fee and get the full version.

6. Soft Karaoke
Party to plan? This site has more than 100 party favorites and some terrific sound effects. You can turn your PC into a full Karaoke machine. Control pitch, tempo, volume; fade features, and a host of other features. Its party time!

7. MicroStudio Vogone & Hoster
Make backups of your CDG disks, play your CDG disks off your computer which has now become your karaoke player. Create your own custom disk in the editing studio, remove vocals from music with the vocal remover, and then get ready to sing while your monitor displays lyrics on the full screen.

8. WinKaraoke
You can record your voice while you sing to the lyrics. You can add effects to your voice modify the tracks, post them to the web to share with your friends, and a host of other features. Be sure to check it out!

9. Karoke Kanta
This is a shareware program available in 8 different languages. You can play, edit, and record.

10. MidiMaster Karaoke
This program has full playback, displays the lyrics in a format thats perfect for following along. You can even record your sing songs with your computer mic. You get a free 30 day trial and if you like it buy the full version cheap.

There are plenty of other free karaoke software packages but these area definitely worth checking out and theyll get you started. It wont be long and youll have found the perfect software and youll be the karaoke pro.

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