How to Stop Your Ex From Ignoring You? 3 Direct Steps to Pulling the Love of Your Life Back!
How to Stop Your Ex From Ignoring You? 3 Direct Steps to Pulling the Love of Your Life Back!

How to Stop Your Ex From Ignoring You? 3 Direct Steps to Pulling the Love of Your Life Back!

You are on a mission: you need to make your ex stop ignoring you. But, the only problem is, that it seems the more you try to make them talk to you again, the MORE they IGNORE you. But, it doesnt have to be like that, because you see, desperate tricks will NEVER make your ex want to talk to you again.Instead, use these 3 direct steps to pull your ex back and stop them from ignoring you!Brush everything off!o This is another psychological trick that works, because when you brush everything off, and act like you arent bothered, your ex will immediately be bothered.

Humans work that way, when they see something wrong, and then see people who dont care....they immediately set out to make that person care.o So what dont you care about anymore? Well everything! You will stop caring about your ex, or about the breakup, and will brush everything off that you can.

This will bother your ex so much, that they will literally start trying to bring each and every little thing to your attention, just so they can get your attention again.Maintaining the silent treatmento When someone does something bad, there is almost ALWAYS a partner who maintains the silent treatment. Im sure you know exactly what I am talking about here. HOWEVER, YOU are the one who has done something wrong here.o

You have chased your ex around, called them like crazy, begged and pleaded, and maybe even worse! You need to undo all of this, and while it may sound backwards, you need to maintain the silent treatment towards your ex as well!o

Although you are in the wrong at the moment, what will happen when you give your ex the silent treatment, is they will instantly think they must have done something wrong too! The silence in their life will make them feel lonely, and in the end, your ex will end up contacting you again, because they wont be able to stand being ignored...even if its by you!o

You should also make sure that you dont give in to this trick, because if you do, you will not get your ex back, and things will fall back into the exact same way they were before: broken.Make it a good thingo Your ex wont expect this, but pretend that the breakup was a good thing, and become extremely happy at the idea of being single again.

This is a psychological trick which will make your ex want you back, because it suggests to them that you were being held back by them.o In turn, this will make your ex feel guilty, and ultimately regret the breakup, because he/she will want to prove to you that they can still in fact make you happy and can still meet your expectations.

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