Ionized Water and Its Positive Impact on Autism
Ionized Water and Its Positive Impact on Autism

Ionized Water and Its Positive Impact on Autism

Studies have shown a great number of autistic children suffering from oxidative stress. Most of the doctors simply ignore the significance of ionized water in this regard and heavily recommend anti oxidant supplements. Our body requires a balance in acid and alkaline fluids. The excessive use of antibiotics and toxicity creates problems like acidity in our body. The acidity problem caused by anti biotic results in a state where there is poor absorption by our cells causing mild to medium dehydration and mineral deficiency. This greatly weakens our immune system. What needs to be done is to neutralize the over acidity and produce a natural balance which will help the body to heal. A water ionizer, through a process of electrolysis, concentrates minerals (calcium, magnesium, potassium) already present in our water. The minerals get split into ions which are highly absorbable and the resulting water is alkaline. The pH level of this water is high. Because of the presence of negative ions the surface tension of the water is reduced making it more easily absorbed by the body. It also acts as an anti oxidant. Alkaline water has proved to be very helpful for our body. The alkaline water produced through a process of electrolysis improves the functioning of antioxidants. Alkaline water is rich in minerals and sufficiently satisfies our daily mineral requirements. Water Ionizers or healing water machines produce water that has 5 to 6 molecules per cluster which is smaller than regular water molecules. This smaller cluster size gives the water additional hydration properties. This unique property of smaller cluster size makes more oxygen available to your cells and speeds up your metabolism. Ionized Water is rated very high as hydrating water, it is said to be six times more hydrating than the conventional! As I mentioned before, ionized water neutralize free radicals as it has Hydroxyl ions in it which have been electrically charged and contributes towards neutralizing free radicals. This characteristic of ionized water is quite significant since free radicals are what causes damage to our cells and bring about disease and major problems for autistic children. The hydroxyl ions acting as an antioxidant neutralizes the free radicals leaving our body rich in health, oxygen and energy. Over the years ionized water has proved to be even better than organic fresh juices. Fresh organic juice has an antioxidant with a -250 ORP. While, ionized water from healing water machine has -250 and -810 depending on your water source. Studies have shown that a water ionizer, better known as a healing water machine has a big role to play in resolving several key health issues for autistic children in particular. A healing water machine / water ionizer helps in resolving the following issues:  pH balance  mineral balance, esp magnesium, calcium and potassium  optimal hydration  restoring a healthy digestive tract  providing powerful oxidation reduction  water becomes about 6 times faster at hydrating at the cellular level

By Abdullah Salim and Nedalee Ruiz
Nedalee is the author of The Desperate Parents Handbook
Abdullah and Nedalee recommend Chanson Alkaline Water for more information on alkaline water.
And Healing Water Machines for an impressive selection of water ionizers and unbiased ionizer reviews.
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