Karrite Contour 470 Roof Box - Practicality Within The Budget
Karrite Contour 470 Roof Box - Practicality Within The Budget

Karrite Contour 470 Roof Box - Practicality Within The Budget

The benefits of using a car roof box are pretty well known by now. There cant be many people left who havent got the message about how much better and safer a roof box is than an old fashioned open roof rack.

Or can there? You still see lots of cars and vans still using the old system, travelling along with plastic sheets flapping around as they try to keep the stuff on the roof rack covered. For those who have realised the advantages of a car roof box its just a question of deciding which to choose.

The choice may have just got a bit easier. The Karrite Contour 470 is one of the most popular in the Karrite Contour range. You may not be aware of it but the manufacturers of Karrite roof boxes are a subsidiary of the Thule company. So when you opt for a Karrite Contour roof box you are choosing the same quality as you get with all the Thule roof boxes.

Thats good news because Thule roof boxes like all Thule products are renowned for their quality in terms of fit, security and durability. Karrite roof boxes simply extend the range of products which enjoy this enviable reputation. It also means that the Karrite Contour range are tailor made to fit Thule roof bars.

Thats all very well of course but it does mean youre even more "spoilt for choice" than ever! It all depends what you want to use your roof box for of course but the Karrite Contour 470 will be the practical solution for a great many people so what do you need to know about it?

Well for a start the Karrite Contour 470 represents great value for money. Not because its cheap, because its not, but when was the cheapest ever the best in anything? No its great value, not cheap. Its an excellent car roof box at a down to earth price. Thats good value. Cheap goes with nasty doesnt it?

Whats so good about the Karrite Contour 470 that makes it such good value? You could start with its aerodynamic, rounded styling. That makes it look good, but thats not all. More important really, it keeps wind noise to an absolute minimum so it doesnt impinge on your comfort on a long journey. Reduced noise also helps to reduced driver fatigue which is an important safety factor.

Reduced wind noise tells you that much less drag is being created and your fuel bills will tell you how significant that is! So you see a cheap roof box with high drag would cost you more in the long run.

So far so good but what else is there about the Karrite Contour 470 that makes it stand out from the rest? How about the fact that its very light. It only weighs 15kg so its easy to handle on and off the car and when its empty your car isnt burning extra fuel to lug a heavy car roof box around. Its not only drag that costs fuel, weight is a very significant factor in fuel consumption.

With a Karrite Contour 470 its the load that contributes the weight, not the roof box, so you can carry more. Then theres durability. The money you pay for a Karrite Contour buys you a car roof box that will last for years. In fact it will probably outlast several cars.

Karrite roof boxes dont splinter or crack. The material theyre made from will withstand all sorts of weather conditions without crazing or fading. It even shrugs off the dreaded UV light, the scourge of so many cheap plastic products.

Not only will your Karrite Contour 470 still look the business years from now, its also very easy and convenient to use. You can open and shut the box with one hand and the lid stays open without you holding it. By the way you open it on the left hand side of the box. Thats the nearside in the UK which is the safe side!

Theres a central locking system which means you only use one key to lock and unlock the roof box. If you keep the key on your car key ring you can never drive off without closing the lid properly and locking it because the key will only come out when the box is locked. Cunning these people who make Karrite roof boxes arent they? They give you a spare key as well which is quite handy.

What else would you like to know? Well the Karrite Contour car roof boxes are made from 25% recycled material and the roof box itself is recyclable when it eventually does reach the end of its life many years from now.

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