List of Famous Duos
List of Famous Duos

List of Famous Duos

Two, as they say, are better than one. No man is an island, thus, he needs a sparring partner, a romantic mate, an other half, or whatever you may call it. In this list of famous duos, we let you in on the most successful, notable, and unforgettable duos that were introduced either in the entertainment field, at the blueprint of a timeless story, at the dining table, and just about wherever!

Romeo and Juliet - Theirs is a case of everlasting love. Although their feuding families (the Capulets and the Montagues) would not allow it, Romeo and Juliet decided to have a go on their destiny together. No love is lost as the romantic duo was beside each other in death. They took their own lives in a case of double suicide that was mainly brought about by misinformation.

Batman and Robin - This fantastic duo made it to the top by mesmerizing comics fans everywhere. Their popularity zoomed out of comic pages and into the boob tube. Right after Batman and Robin secured leading roles in their own television show, they were launched onto the big screen in several unforgettable films.

Certainly, it cannot be possible with just Batman or Robin. Thats why they are in this list of famous duos.Bread and butter - In terms of food, there can never be better than anything else than bread and butter. This simple yet famous pair can be seen beside each other in every dining table anywhere in the world.

Adam and Eve - In the beginning, God decided wittily to make a pair instead of just a man or a woman. These two did not disappoint. They fulfilled their mission as the first man and woman. We definitely owe it to Adam and Eves genetic contribution to our society, no matter which society you belong.Barbie and Ken - Before Dora had Boots and even before Mickey Mouse had Donald Duck, Barbie had Ken. The world-famous dolls have been wowing fans everywhere for so many decades. They were made into many different versions, to the delight of toy collectors.

Bonnie and Clyde - One of the most successful pairs in history and definitely deserving of a spot in this list of famous duos, is Bonnie and Clyde. The duo of robbers made an excruciating difference in the criminal universe, choosing to rob small stores and gas stations rather than big commercial banks, which can rake in millions for them in an instant. Incidentally, aside from being renowned outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde also happened to be lovers.

Beavis and Butthead - That one special thing that the era of music television brought to mankind is the duo of Beavis and Butthead. That is reason enough for them to belong in this list of famous duos.