Magic Golf Move - The Early Backward Wrist Break
Magic Golf Move - The Early Backward Wrist Break

Magic Golf Move - The Early Backward Wrist Break

A couple of years back my brother in law Steve told me how one simple golf move he employed early in his backswing totally changed his golf game. He went on to say this one "magic move" is so suttle, he couldnt believe what a difference it made in his golf swing.Steve told me he had been sitting at an 8 handicap for about 4 years and was getting very frustrated at his lack of improvement. He practiced diligently however he had truly reached a plateau in his golf game.He went through about 4 golf pros during this time and every one of them told him there was nothing wrong with his golf swing.

Eventually he started playing less and less golf and was about ready to give it up altogether.Steve said while on vacation with his family he was browsing through an old book store on Marthas Vineyard when he came across a used copy of Joe Dantes "Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf" written in 1972. He said he couldnt put the book down so out of courtesy to the store owner he bought it.Steve showed me the book and as I leafed through it I was amazed at all the beautifully drawn illustrations showing how to swing a golf club properly.

Andy Brown has since revised this book for the 21st century and offers many media formats to read or listen to the book.Steve turned to the chapter that explains "the early backward wrist break" and told me this one magic move has totally transformed his golf game! "You know John", my brother in law said, "golf teachers dont tell you anything about how to break the wrists in the golf swing".

Steve believes the first 18 inches of the backswing are the most critical.The majority of amatuer golfers turn their wrists in a way that opens or closes the clubface when they first start their backswing...This fatal move immediately puts your golf swing off the proper plane. Golfers then usually spend the rest of the golf swing trying to adjust so they can just make contact with the ball...not a good recipe for success!

This book explains how the clubhead should not open or close in the early part of the backswing...if you correctly perform the early backward wrist break your swing will be on plane early in the swing...Steve says he feels like the club is swinging itself...a truly effortless swing!I am happy to say that my brother in law Steve is now a scratch golfer, thanks to this one magic move that has transformed his golf game!

When you make the backward wrist break perfectly - only one knuckle of your left hand (right handed golfers) and two knuckles of your right hand should be visible and the golf club should be parallel to your target line.(Photo courtesy of The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf by Andy Brown and Joe Dante.)You pay a lot of money to play this great game of why not enjoy it more by playing the golf you are capable of?Try this golf swing takeaway tip and build the early backward wrist break into your golf swing and I promise you will halve your handicap in 2 weeks!

Hit em Long and Straight!John Lynch------To learn more about this astounding break through in learning the golf swing, John recommends you visit: