Poster Making as Art Activities for Kids
Poster Making as Art Activities for Kids

Poster Making as Art Activities for Kids

Poster design and poster making activities can serve as effective art activities for kids. In a digitally connected world, digital poster making can be a creative skill building technique in the classroom. Below are some ideas on how to facilitate poster making activities in the classroom:

• Self-poster making- Poster making can work as effective vehicles for self discovery and appreciation. Apart from the usual themes of "What to be when you grow up", other themes can include; "Your Happiest Moment" or "Sunday Activities with the Family"

• Seasonal Poster Making-Apart from themes seasons can be a creative theme for poster prints. It can also teach kids about nature, weather patterns, and appreciating their environment. Winter themed posters can include images about Christmas, snow, skating, even snowball fights. Summer poser making can include images about the beach, swimming, or theme parks. Autumn poster making can include images about Halloween while spring poster making can include images about parks, gardening, and planting.

• Poster Making as Team Building Activities-Large poster making can be assigned as a group activity in order to develop team working skills. Kids can create large posters on themes like, "Most Helpful Person in the Community" or "Ten Ways to Help the Community". These themes can reinforce community building and team work skills.

• Poster Making as Art Therapy-Poster making can also become effective activities for therapy. Art activities are popular in childrens hospitals and have been known to significantly improve physical, emotional and mental levels. Apart from children, poster making and other art activities are also popular activities for the elderly.

Manual poster making or digital poster printing can be a creative, fun, and educational activity for kids and adults alike. Not only are they effective vehicles for artistic expression, they can also prove to be a great medium for teaching community service, environmental appreciation and social responsibility.