Shaklee Compared to Melaleuca - Is Shaklee Or Melaleuca Better?
Shaklee Compared to Melaleuca - Is Shaklee Or Melaleuca Better?

Shaklee Compared to Melaleuca - Is Shaklee Or Melaleuca Better?

Melaleuca is a health and wellness company that also offers a business opportunity to become a reseller of their products. Shaklee is also a health and wellness company, and also offers a business opportunity to become a reseller and distributor of their products.

Both of these companies are large organizations with significant market share. But many people evaluating a home-based business opportunity find themselves asking:

"Is Shaklee Or Melaleuca Better?"

So lets break that question down and get to the bottom of it.

The first thing we have to do is define "better". Some people would define it as "more effective products", some would define it as "easier to make money with". Lets look at both.

First, there is "more effective products". Shaklees stated philosophy is "always safe, always works, always green". Beyond that, Shaklee is one of the largest network marketing companies around, with revenues exceeding $500 million per year. Their products are endorsed by several professional athletes, and focus on nutrition and weight management, personal care, and home health and cleaning products.

They also previously had a working relationship with Dr. David Sinclair of Harvard Medical University. That relationship has since ended for reasons that appear to be unrelated to the effectiveness of their products.

Melaleuca is also known has the "wellness company", and made their stake with an original emphasis on home care products, and have since expanded into several health related niches such as nutrition, weight loss, and personal care. They are similarly huge in scope and distributor size, although they dont have the athletic endorsements that Shaklee does. They do, however, boast a 95% retention rate, saying that 95% of those who ordered product last month will order again this month. That number is impressive, and would indicate that they have a very loyal fan base with their products.

Both Shaklee and Melaleuca have customers that dont enjoy their products - but by and large, both companies are offering good products to people who want them.

Next, is it easier to make money with Shaklee or Melaleuca? The answer is - neither. And both.

You see, both companies have distributors marketing the same products, and yet, some representatives make tremendous incomes, and some never make anything. The difference between those reps that make money and those that dont is not the product they are offering, but the individual skill-set of the marketer in question. This may not seem very appealing, but people have made great incomes with both companies, which would indicate that there is not one that is "easier" to make money with. The difference is in the skills of the marketer growing a business.

To sum, if you are looking for a way to make money Shaklee or Melaleuca, know that the defining factor will be your skills and abilities to grow a business up from scratch. They are both simple, as they have good products and a good market of people looking for those products. If you can build a business that attracts those people to you, success is a foregone conclusion.

Joshua Fuson is a professional marketer, and has participated in the generation of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone. To find out more about Josh, see MLM Truth.

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