Star Sapphire Ring, Understanding Diffused Star Sapphire Rings
Star Sapphire Ring, Understanding Diffused Star Sapphire Rings

Star Sapphire Ring, Understanding Diffused Star Sapphire Rings

Before we discuss a star sapphire ring, let us try to understand the meaning of a star sapphire. A star sapphire is a sapphire gemstone that shows the appearance of a star on the surface, the star would be visible when light strikes the gemstone. Star sapphires are cut in a smooth cabachon shape, and you will most often find them in oval shapes. If you wear a star sapphire ring, you will notice that the star actually moves with the source of light. The star effect is caused by the reflection of light on a number of inclusions inside the gemstone. In general the darker the color of the gemstone, the clearer would be the visibility of the star. A blue star sapphire ring would be a star sapphire with a dark blue color. A black star sapphire ring would have a gemstone that is very dark in color, the gemstone would appear almost black.

With the above explanation, let us try to understand what a good star sapphire ring should look like. Talking about the quality of a star sapphire gemstone, it is quite obvious that the sharper the star the better the quality. The clarity of the star on a black star sapphire ring would be better than, the star on a blue star sapphire ring. Now this is how the quality would be defined theoretically, but things are not that simple in reality. A genuine good quality star sapphire where, the star is sharp and clear is quite hard to find. Such gemstones carry huge price tags and are beyond the reach of most of us. Despite this, the fact remains that star sapphire rings are jewels that impress most men. We will now talk about ways to get a star sapphire ring, with a modest price tag and a star sapphire that shows a clear star effect.

Seeing the demand for star sapphire rings, a world famous jeweller created a synthetic star sapphire. This synthetic star sapphire had a synthetic sapphire and a synthetic star, there was nothing genuine about the gemstone. But as normally happens in the real world, mind boggling advertising campaigns and publicity stunts did initially get a fair amount of demand for the gemstone. This gimmick also saw the starting of a cruel trick played on jewelry buyers. This synthetic star sapphire was not called a synthetic or lab created star sapphire, they instead gave it a name. Something like Bruce Star Sapphire or Lincoln Star etc, these names are ofcourse fictitious. Most buyers did not realize that what they were getting was a cheap machine made piece of junk, that was being peddled as a gemstone at probably 10 times the cost of the piece!!!. Part of the price ofcourse included, the huge marketing overheads of the jeweller. Luckily, the gimmick soon lost favour with jewelry buyers and this synthetic gemstone is not very popular today. We do hope that none of you is stuck with a star sapphire ring that has this worthless synthetic star sapphire.

Years later, as gemologists came to know more about the star sapphire and also how and why the star effect was caused, attempts were made to enhance the appearance of star sapphires. The most impressive results delivered were the diffused star sapphire. This gemstone could be used to make a star sapphire ring, with a diffused star sapphire that had a sharp and clear star effect. There are a few distinct features of a diffused star sapphire that, make it more acceptable as compared to the synthetic star sapphires (explained earlier). Firstly, the diffused star sapphire is made from a genuine sapphire. The star effect is enhanced by treating the surface of a genuine sapphire gemstone. This treatment does not alter the hardness of the sapphire, you thus get a gemstone (sapphire) that has an excellent hardness. Sapphires and rubies have an hardness that comes second only to diamonds. The second good thing about a diffused star sapphire is that, the star is very clear and sharp. It is very hard, to get a genuine star sapphire with a sharp and clear star these days. Thirdly, the cost of a diffused star sapphire is very modest. This makes it suitable for a gold or silver star sapphire ring. You can therefore conclude that the diffused star sapphire, makes a star sapphire ring affordable to many more buyers. The affordability of a diffused star sapphire ring comes for two reasons, the modest price of the gemstone itself and the fact that it can be brought within the budget of a good silver star sapphire ring too.

We do hope that the above information regarding the star sapphire ring has been useful and interesting. The gemstone is suitable for a yellow or white gold star sapphire ring. If you are looking for a classic sterling silver star sapphire ring, consider the diffused star sapphire option. We have compiled this information with the objective of providing a complete analysis of the star sapphire gemstone. Where you buy your star sapphire ring from, is upto you. Just make sure that you understand and know what you are getting. Few jewellers would care or dare to provide such clear and precise information, but for us, keeping you informed is our prime objective.

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