The Lethal Disadvantages of Billboards
The Lethal Disadvantages of Billboards

The Lethal Disadvantages of Billboards

Every day, people of different descriptions pass by national roads, minding their own business. There are employees on their way to work, employees going home from work or city folks on a bus to have vacation on a province up north. Roads and streets are obviously important to everyone, no one is an exception, from babies or kids (How would you even come to this world normally if the ambulance didnt bring your mother to the hospital on the day of your conception?) to adults or the oldies (How would you even arrive at your workplace on a daily basis if you dont drive or commute your way to it?).

Businesses saw the importance of roads as a good marketing strategy. To utilize the streets for their commercial development, companies put up posters and billboards to market, advertise, and promote their business products and services. Though both are used for similar reasons, there are also differences between a poster and a billboard.

• Billboards are way bigger than posters.
• Billboards are made with a different material. They are usually printed on vinyl, while posters are printed on more durable poster paper.
• Posters can be coated with gloss, billboards are not.
• To install billboards, steel trusses are required and built. Most of the time, grommets are also needed for billboards easy-installation. Posters are put up on walls with adhesive materials.

While posters are more convenient and cheaper, billboards are considered more effective because of its size. Its huge measurement makes it more attention-grabbing and attractive. However, billboards have shortcomings that can even cost a life. Installing billboards, which are usually placed on high places due to its gigantic size, requires a worker to climb many feet above the ground, with the steel trusses as his foundation. One wrong step and the worker can fall off the trusses. Also, during hurricanes or storms, billboards need to be taken down, or the strong wind may cause it to collapse and hurt people and crash on cars on the road.

Though notorious for its dangers, billboards are still being used today. However, businesses need to learn other alternatives for their promotion. Poster or canvas printing may be a good alternative to billboards. canvas prints are smaller, less dangerous, and easier to install compared to billboards, and are cheaper, to boot.