The Value Of A CIW Certification
The Value Of A CIW Certification

The Value Of A CIW Certification

A CIW, the acronym for "Certified Internet Webmaster" or "Certified Internet Web Professional", is an individual who has completed appropriate training to be considered an expert in the field of IT, or Internet Technology. CIW certification was the brainchild of a company called Profit Training. One aspect of this training that makes it unique to others is that it is based on the individuals skills instead software and hardware skills.

Typically, a person taking a job within IT needs to have some kind of certification that states he or she has the skill set to meet or exceed the companys standards specific to the work being performed. In other words, for a person to be hired into an organization for a specific job function, the potential employer would need proof that the individual completed all necessary training, thereby becoming an asset to the company.

Although numerous certifications exist, one that has received rave reviews is CIW certification. The reason is the method of training, again focusing on a persons skills. Because of the programs success, companies of all sizes, even many Fortune 500 companies now scout prospective employees with this certification. Another interesting fact regarding CIW certification is that there are many different levels of training offered.

This training program now has the honor of being the industry standard for webmasters. To date, more than 30,000 certifications have been issued by Prosoft Training, giving each graduate an opportunity to move forward with a great career in IT. Because CIW certification is so well respected, a job candidate with this on the resume would be noticed quicker than someone without this training would and often, given special consideration for employment.

The levels for CIW certification include:

- CIW Associate
- CIW Associate Design Specialist
- CIW Professional
- CIW Web Developer
- CIW Security Analyst
- CIW Security Essentials
- Master CIW Designer
- Master CIW Administrator
- Master CIW Website Manager
- Master CIW Enterprise Developer

To give you a better understanding of what CIW certification consists of for a few of the above-mentioned levels, we have provided more detail in the following:

1. CIW Associate - This first level of training covers basic skills and knowledge required to work in an IT environment, to include e-mail, web browsers, XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language), FTP, project management, and fundamentals of infrastructure networking. Often, people with this CIW certification enter areas of advertising, technical recruiting, sales, and business development.

2. CIW Professional - With this CIW certification, a person would gain vital training for IT discipline, with training usually being completed by someone already working in IT or wanting to move forward to a mid-range technical job.

3. CIW Security Analyst - The CIW certification program in this case prepares a person to configure, manage, and deploy solutions for e-business servers, as well as know how to implement network security and e-business solutions.

4. Master CIW Enterprise - CIW certification for this level involves training for web application solutions specific to legacy connectivity and build-in tier database, using solutions of Java, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), and Java APIs, as well as middleware tools and various distributed object models such as IIOP and Cobra. The individual going through this course would walk away with skills and knowledge for a great career as a database administrator and/or developer, middleware programmer, Java developer, internet application developer, or client/server developer.
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