Tips and tricks to being an accomplished anorexic (part two)
Tips and tricks to being an accomplished anorexic(part two)

Tips and tricks to being an accomplished anorexic(part two)

So, as I have said in my first article, being an anorexic is not so easy. There are many thing to be done in order to get there, to the stage where you can actually say you are an anorexic. So let s go on with the list.

Temptation is very big. So to make yourself stop eating, even thinking of food, make up nasty punishments for yourself. Ran out of ideas, no worries. Here are some. Deprive yourself of things you really need and cannot do without, like being worm, or clean.

Pinch yourself, do a lot of difficult exercises, but remember, punish yourself even for thinking of food. One single, little thought about food and you have to punish yourself. Do not be scared or afraid to do anything about this.

If you really care about yourself, just do this. The ideas I have said earlier do not work for you, well here are more. wash the dishes with cold water and by hand, clean the toilet, take a rubber band and rub it on your skin every time you think of food.

The idea is to do something you really hate so you will, in time, stop to think of food or eat it, because you are afraid. You need the discipline. Fight with everybody around you, be mean and do bad things. why? That way you will be upset and depressed and you won t eat much or nothing at all. Make yourself believe that your life is horrible and you are the most unlucky person in the world. Watch drams s and try to convince yourself that you are even much worst than the characters.

Hate your life and this will help you to stop eating. It is also best to find another anorexic friend and share every thing with him. You can tell each other your secrets about how you struggle to be anorexic, share everything. Another crucial thing to do is visit as many web sites you can about anorexia. Find friends on the net whom you can talk about this and even make your own web site.

Read books about anorexia, see movies, documentaries, listen to anorexic music. But be careful and write everything down in your anorexic book. All you see, all you find out and all your thoughts about yourself and anorexia. And I have another surprise for you! Don t miss out on part three of this article. It will be a blast.If you want to find great information about many


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