Top Signs Hes Flirting With You
Top Signs Hes Flirting With You

Top Signs Hes Flirting With You

Unless you are one of the very few fortunate individuals that are dialed in to others that are flirting with them, you are in the same boat as 90% of the rest of us that are for the most part, oblivious to it.

Most of those that do exceedingly well however have made a conscious effort to improve and master this sought after skill. How did they do it?

There are 3 simple steps that you must follow if you want to dramatically improve your ability to detect if he is flirting with you and how to respond.

1. Tune in to his Body Language. Body Language signals are the most reliable way of detecting a persons true inner feelings.

2. Understand what these signals mean. Interpreting body language signals accurately is not something we are born with. It is an acquired skill.

3. Practice. The more you practice flirting signals, the more natural you will appear and the more successful you will be at it.

Keeping these 3 steps in mind, here are 10 cues that he is interested in you.

Top Signs Hes Flirting With You

When men flirt, they generally give off cues that exude their masculinity. If you notice that a guy is exhibiting any of these behaviors or gestures, then its likely that hes flirting with you! If you are attracted to them, these are good signs that you can move in and reciprocate his flirting interests. Look for these signs.

They include:

Arches his back.

Sways his pelvis.

Laughs loudly.

Holds back of his neck.

Squares his shoulders.

Sticks his chest out.

Straightens his stance.

Teases and jokes with you.

Winks at you from a distance.

Smiles suggestively.

Engages in direct eye contact.

Casually touches you.

Although these cues can be revealing, never put all your weight into one signal. Look for other signals in succession to substantiate your perceptions.

There is no substitute for knowledge. Knowing how to interpret body language flirting signals and how to apply the right techniques and responses to get the desired results will not only have a huge impact on how successful you are at flirting but in all areas of your life.
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