Zhen Tian Wan for treating pain and migraine
Zhen Tian Wan for treating pain and migraine

Zhen Tian Wan for treating pain and migraine

From a long time headache has been considered to be a common problem with people. Head ache mainly occurs due to depression and neurological disorders. It is also a common symptom that is associated with various diseases. There are a number of medicines available that can cure common headaches and among them Chinese herbal medicines are very popular. Chinese herbal medicines are known for providing out standing medication for migraine and headache problems. Among them one popular medicine is Zhen Tian Wan.

It is quite a popular medicine and used to cure migraine premenstrual headache, vascular headache and neural headache. It consists of a preparation that exhibits painkiller properties in it.

The ingredients from which Zhen Tian Wan is prepared include Szechuan lovage root, Chinese wild ginger, Angelica root, prepared aconite root, Safflower flower, Ledebouriella root, and Self reliant root.

Szechuan lovage root is considered to be the prime ingredient. It is a kind of root that is warm in nature. Other properties include its acrid nature. Its main functioning channels are liver, pericardium and gall bladder. Szechuan lovage root promotes several important functions in the body. It helps in blood circulating in the body. It also enhances the movement of Qi. In addition to all these, it also expels wind and delivers rapid relief from the pain.

Chinese wild ginger is another important ingredient of Zhen Tian Wan. This ingredient is spicy in taste and warm by nature. Its Latin name is Herba Asari Cum Radice. It has a wide range of medical uses due to which it is highly beneficial to the body. If there is occurrence of pain due to cold then it can provide immediate relief.

Angelica root is popularly known as Dong quai in Chinese language. It is a popular root and possesses functional properties to provide relief from pain. It is quite beneficial for the people who are suffering from migraine and frequent problems of head ache. Besides providing relief from head ache it also provides numerous other benefits as well. It can dilate blood vessels and provide relaxation to uterine muscles. It is also recommended in cases of menstrual cramps, arthritis, allergies, high blood pressure and provides relief from the symptoms of menopause.

Prepared aconite root is also a very important herb. It helps the patients in recovering from sickness they have suffered for a long duration. It also restore yang and provide relief from cold that causes extreme amount of pain in the body. Safflower flower is a vital ingredient and also known as Hong Hua in China. Like other normal herbs it is pungent and warm in nature. It stops pain causing due to any sort of external and internal injury. In addition to it, it also unblocks menstruation, rejuvenate the blood, and prevent blood stasis.

The curative properties of Ledebouriella root are nearly identical to the other herbs. It is beneficial against both headache and body ache. It expels the damp wind and prevents the occurrence of pain. With the final ingredient i.e. Self reliant root one can easily cure the cases of migraine and head ache. It is also advantageous against stress and neck tension.

Thus, it is obvious that with the combination of such roots and herbs you will get an outstanding product. This is what we call Zhen Tian Wan. In the cases of headache and migraine you can have it and see its benefits on your own.

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