25 Stunningly Beautiful Advanced Phrasal Verbs
25 Stunningly Beautiful Advanced Phrasal Verbs

25Beautiful Advanced Phrasal  Verbs

Learning a new language can be so much fun!In fact, if you have the right tutor, it will surely become easier. This is forindividuals who are learning the English language, and even advanced speakers.

We learn everyday, right?

Phrasal verbs are idiomatic expressions that contains a verb and an adverb or a preposition. To understand better,let's take a look at 25 advanced phrasal verbs and their meaning.

1.. To crow about something or someone: When this expression is used, it typicallymeans to brag about something or someone.

2. To muster something up: This means to bring something together.

3. To bounce someone or something off: This means to talk about someone orsomething in a bid to get a reaction or response.

4. To mull someone or something over: This means to think heavily about somethingor someone.

5. To keep something up: This means to maintain a course of action, usuallysomething good.

6. To bash something in: This means to physically hit something until it causes adent.

7. To figure something out: This means to solve or find the cause of a problem.

8. To see somebody or something off: When you see somebody off, you walk withthem to a certain distance so you can say goodbye. To see something off on theother hand means to defeat something to the point that it becomes harmless.

9. To plod along: When you use this phrase, it means to move slowly but steadily.

10. To call something off: When you call something off, it means you choose not togo ahead with a plan you have made.

11. To do something up: This means to decorate a building, room or soace. It alsomeans to repair buildings.

12. To fawn over something or someone: This means when you flatter someone or something excessively. For example, Myaunt fawns over me every time I visit her.

13. To gobble something up: When you gobble something up, it means you use something completely in a short period of time.

14. To face up to: This means that a person accepts that a situation is difficult.

15. To stick up for: When you stick up for someone or something, it means yousupport them when they are being criticized.

16. To weed out: When you weed out something or someone, it means you decide toremove certain people or things from a group.

17. To run something by: When you run something by someone, it means you tell themabout your plans so you can have their feedback.

18. To stock up on: This means to buy certain items in large quantities so as tobe able to use them in future. For instance, when you bought enough food beforethe lockdown, it means you stocked up on food.

19. To harp on about: When you harp on about something, it means you consistentlycomplain about something or someone.

20. To crank something out: This means you produce items in massive amounts.

21. To grass on: This means to tell the police about something bad that somebodyhas done.

22. To lag behind: This means when you move slower than everyone else.

23. To build someone or something up: When you build someone up, it means you havetalked about them positively that others like them.

To build up someone's hope on the other hand is when you tellpeople that something good will happen when it seems like something bad willhappen.

24.To jot down: This means to write very quickly at a class or conference.

25. To ask after: This means to ask about the well-being of someone.

And there we go! All you have to do is practice these phrases, and you will be using them in no time.