10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Married
10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Married

10 Reasons Why You Should Stay Married

While no one wants their marriage to fail, did you know that there are actually quantifiable reasons for staying with your spouse? In case you need help deciding whether to stay married or not, here are the facts:

#1 Married people are happier

In recent studies, scientists founds that married couples suffer from less depression than their unmarried counterparts. And this even takes into consideration those couples that are living together and not married. Being in a committed relationship with each other is not enough, but showing that commitment to friends, family, and the wedding DJ seems to make the bond all the more important.

#2 Married couples are more productive

While the case could be made that two people can always get more done than one, married couples seem to enjoy exploring their interests more than singles and unmarried couples. Maybe its because youve set up long term goals and thinking that guides you through the day to day, or maybe it could be because youre both challenging each other to be better ? in either case, married couples just seem to get more done.

#3 Married couples learn better

Studies have shown that married couples tend to retain new knowledge longer than single or married couples. It would seem that the calmer state of the brain is more conducive to learning. And since you have someone to remind you of what youve forgotten, its a lot easier to keep those important facts in your head.

#4 Married couples are less stressed

When you have someone that is constantly supporting you and cares about how youre doing, this support system helps to buoy you in times of stress. Being able to laugh with each other and help each other helps the stressful times seem all the less, well, stressful.

#5 Married couples are healthier overall

Because of the reduced stress and increased support system, married couples tend to have fewer health problems than their married counterparts. They have fewer colds and other minor illnesses. Without the constant strain of a commitment thats sort of hazy, married couples can fight off germs and bacteria.

#6 Married couples live longer

With the increased health and ability to ward off stress, married couples tend to live longer than their unmarried counterparts. Married couples are more long term thinking and this allows them to have a more positive outlook on life and whatever is thrown at them. Even couples with long term illnesses or other stressors seem to be able to live longer than is normal.

#7 Married couples are richer

Of course, having two people in any relationship will make a couple richer, but married couples are more diligent about planning for long term goals which can lead to more stable financial results. They invest together, plan together, work together to create a retirement that will allow them to enjoy each others company long into the twilight of their lives.

#8 Married couples fight smarter

No couple is without fights or disagreements, but married couples have a more relaxed approach about getting past arguments and getting over them. The long term commitment allows them to realize that not everything is as important right now as it seems, and that most problems can blow over without too much incident.

#9 Married couples have better sex

While stereotypes might have you believe otherwise, married couples truly do have a more varied an enjoyable sex life. They tend to experiment to keep things exciting and they are focused more on the pleasure of their partner than of themselves.

#10 Married couples are more fit

Married couples have a built in workout partner and someone who will help them watch what they eat. This support system leads to an overall better outlook on fitness and health, which leads to a fitter lifestyle. Though slips in eating and exercise can affect both partners, its much more likely that married couples will get back up from their discretions and find the support to regain control of their health.

Being married isnt just the dream of the white wedding; its what happens after the guests leave and the wrapping paper has been thrown away.

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