1980s Madonna Biography
1980s Madonna Biography

1980s Madonna Biography

The 1980s were a blessing for Madonna. During that time, Madonna was just like a virgin donned in her lace headbands and gloves. Also Madonna rolling around in the vampy wedding dress and the big hair made news to her successful career.

About 2 years later, Madonna started a dance trend known as the "Vogue". Always particular with her looks, especially her hair, Madonna changed her hair color from her original dark brown color to blond and then to platinum blond. Her cone shaped brassiere was sensational news this time.

Madonnas sadomasochistic practices were well known and she took on the dominatrix role to write a book on her favorite topic SEX.

Few years later, she became a modern earth mother with long, honey colored locks.

Even though her hot looks were the talk of the town, Madonna was most well known as a music icon.

Her first big hit Like A Virgin was the most talked about single. From her first album Madonna, she actually burst the scene with songs like Lucky Star and Borderline. But she gained iconic status with the song Lie A Virgin. This song not only made her number one singer, it also made her a global star.

Beyond the 80s
Her album Ray of Light became a stupendous hit and earned three Grammys for Madonna.

Besides her music prowess, Madonna also tried her hand in Hollywood. Her featured role in Evita earned her a Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Her ongoing rivalry with another 80s pop star, Janet Jackson, is also well known. She is also known for kissing another famous pop star, Christina Aguilera on stage.

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