7 Types of Identity Theft Penalties
7 Types of Identity Theft Penalties

7 Types of Identity Theft Penalties

Do you want to know more about theft penalties? Whenever a theft crime is committed, theft penalties for the crime, varies depending on where you live. Also, different states and jurisdictions have their own laws for theft crimes. It also depends on whether or not the theft was a felony or a misdemeanor. For more information on identity theft, visit my blog.

In some state what separates a felony from a misdemeanor is the amount of the losses. In Arizona, for example, anything less than $250 is a misdemeanor. Other factors that affect theft penalties are whether or not its the defendants first conviction, the nature of the offense, and the value of the goods.

If this is your first offense, then the judge will be more lenient with the penalty if its a misdemeanor. If its a more severe penalty, then you will have to hire a criminal defense attorney.

1. One of the first and most basic of theft penalties is compensating the victim for the losses financially. On average, it takes $808 to restore ones identity. It also takes 175 hours of someones time. Not only will the thief have to pay what was lost, but they will have to pay other damages and attorney fees.

2. There is aggravated identity theft. This is when a thief steals someone identity to commit a crime. This carries a minimum 2 year sentence without any probation.
Examples include: mail fraud, acts of terrorism, or immigration fraud)

3. If identity theft is used for anything that is terrorist-related , the criminal will get 5
years additional to any punishment they already received. The maximum additional punishment goes up to 25 years and this can be domestic or international.

4. If it is a phishing scam, then you will automatically get a 2 year sentence.

5. If you are an "insider" of an identity theft scam, then you will be charged additional penalties on top of the sentence that was given to you. This penalty is for those in the know like the managers, employees, tellers, etc.

6. If the crime is more serious, then the fines will increase. The fines can range from $50,000 plus 5 years in prison. Also, it can get as high as $100,000 plus 10 years.

7. If you are an accomplice in an identity theft scheme, you will be punished.

These are just a few of the theft penalties when it comes to identity theft.

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