Do Shy Guys Stare if they Like You?
Do Shy Guys Stare if they Like You?

Do Shy Guys Stare if they Like You?

Some girls ask the question "Do shy guys stare if they like you?"

"Staring" can indeed be a way of flirting. The eyes of two people can meet from across the room with a "come hither" look. But usually this is immediately followed by some kind of action. The person whose eyes meets yours, after he has caught your attention, if he is interested, should come up and talk to you.

Do shy guy stare if they like you? A more likely behavior of shy guys may be to make poor eye contact. To look down at the floor, and not meet your gaze at all, or at least very little.

But perhaps a shy guy is too shy to take the next step? Perhaps he can muster up the nerve to make eye contact, but he cant work up the nerve to actually strike up a conversation?

It is hard to judge other people. Therefore, your best course of action is to overcome some shyness yourself and be the one to make the first "move." Why not go up to the guy who has made eye contact and start a conversation? Learn his name. Make him feel important.

Yes, you will have to overcome some shyness to do this. However, rather than trying to second-guess or "mind read" this may be the best way to resolve the problem.

I would not say anything about the fact that he was looking in your direction. That might make him feel self-conscious. Rather, you could say something like "Im a little embarrassed about this, but Id like to meet you."

Another option is to meet his gaze with your own. Be sure to smile each time you do so. This is a perfect way to communicate interest. The smile shows that you are friendly and not trying to "stare him down." If every time you catch him looking in your direction, you return his gaze and smile at him, think of the powerful, friendly signal this is sending!

Of course, once a guy comes in your direction, you will need to make conversation. This is where overcoming some shyness yourself and learning good conversational skills comes in!

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